There is so much to consider with an agency perpetuation plan: agency value, buy/sell agreement, agency ownership, internal, external, planned retirement, sudden death, and they are all important to prepare for as part of the plan of the agency life cycle.

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Top Five Challenges For Agents 
In agencies with revenues 2.5-5.0 million their #5 issue was "Perpetuation planning."
In agencies with revenues 5.0-10.0 million their #1 issue was "Internal Perpetuation."
In agencies with revenues 10-25.0 million their #1 issue was "Perpetuation planning to ensure continued private ownership."

Perpetuation planning is a significant challenge as some firms are struggling to balance the financial demands of funding perpetuation while also trying to grow. As expressed by one
executive, buying out older partners is “constraining our investment capital and costing us opportunities we could be taking advantage of right now in the marketplace.”