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live-webinars: LendersGoneWild No special equipment is needed.  No travel is necessary. No long-term time commitments required. Pick a webinar topic of interest, register, join and learn.  Webinars can be presented conference style so the entire agency can benefit and are presented live and made available through recordings.
"Lenders Gone Wild" Webinar
“Lenders Gone Wild”
David Thompson, Education Instructor for FAIA
Bill Wilson, Associate VP, Education & Research for IIABA
October 17, 2014pic.jpg
2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time
You’ve heard of “Girls Gone Wild” and “Spring Break Gone Wild.”  Perhaps the requests and demands made by lenders today relating to insurance issues are fodder for a new borderline obscene series titled, “Lenders Gone Wild.”  The cast of characters would include guaranteed replacement cost, agreed value, ordinance and law, severability of insurance, replacement cost estimators, lender specific forms, declarations pages, certificates of insurance, Fannie Mae, and many more. 
Join David Thompson, CPCU, the Florida Big I’s “high sheriff” of lender issues and his trusty sidekick Deputy Bill Wilson, CPCU, as they navigate the landscape to explain why these requests and demands are being made, what you should do, and what you should not do. We will examine the source of many of these demands, Fannie Mae guidelines, problems with some of the demands (including the fact that many ask an insurance to commit an illegal act), and suggestions for dealing with these requests and demands.
  CE Approvals 9/2

Approved for 2 hours of CE credit. Course #7638. No mid-course verification or end of webinar exam required. Group attendance permitted however a roster must be sent to ND STAFF for filing.