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live-webinars: MonitoringInsurerStabilityandSolvency No special equipment is needed.  No travel is necessary. No long-term time commitments required. Pick a webinar topic of interest, register, join and learn.  Webinars can be presented conference style so the entire agency can benefit and are presented live and made available through recordings.
Monitoring Insurer Stability and Solvency
Monitoring Insurer Stability and Solvency

Bill Wilson,
Associate VP, Education & Research for IIABA
Chris Burand, President and Owner of Burand & Associates, LLC

November 18, 2014pic.jpg
2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time

What is the difference between an insurer’s A.M. Best rating and stability from an agent’s perspective? What rating even applies (f.y.i., most insurance companies have at least two ratings (hopefully) and many have as many as five while some literally have more than a dozen ratings)? 
What difference does a rating or lack of a rating matter? At times, the difference may honestly be tiny in the real world.  But insurance is not designed for the good times. Insurance by its nature is designed for bad times. Insurance is designed to make policyholders whole, with limitations, when they suffer a disaster. This is why insolvencies increase in hard markets. Historically, many insurance companies have proven they were only designed for the good times.
What about predicting which carriers are more likely to give you a competitive advantage in hard markets and soft markets? Not all insurance companies are created equal financially. Some are much better positioned for a soft market than others and those companies inherently create some level of competitive advantage over their peers. Would you as an agent benefit by knowing which carriers have this advantage?
In this webinar, the Big I’s Bill Wilson and agency management consultant Chris Burand will discuss issues involving the stability and solvency of insurance carriers. Bill will focus on a simple checklist he created years ago to enable agencies to monitor insurer financial and market issues, while Chris will demonstrate a remarkable spreadsheet approach the he uses with amazing results.
Don’t wait until you and your customers suffer the potentially catastrophic impact of an insurer insolvency…mark your calendar today to attend this important and valuable webinar.

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Approved for 2 classroom equivalent hours. Course #31205. The participant must be logged in individually (1 seat) the entire time and answer all poll questions. The student receiving CE credit must be the name of the student logging in and attending.