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Internet: Great Agency Website - 2014 Apr ACT's mission is to bring the stakeholders in the independent insurance agency distribution system together to advance the use of the most effective business processes, practices and technologies, in order to enhance productivity, service, marketing, sales and security.

Great Agency Websites - 2014 Apr

Whitepaper detailing independent agency options for dynamic, effective website presence.

​In this whitepaper, the author Marty Agather discusses the needs for effective and dynamic agency website presence.  Mr. Agather details from a non-technical aspect the major components - Design, Attracting visitors, and Encouraging action.  This whitepaper provides an overview of the skills required, and options available to independent agents as a part of their website development strategy.


ACT Article - Great Agency Websites Whitepaper - 2014Apr28.pdfACT Article - Great Agency Websites Whitepaper - 2014Apr28.pdf