Outstanding Young Agent Commitee Awards

Apply for the 2016 YAC Awards Outstanding Committee Awards

The Big “I” national Young Agents Committee is accepting applications from state committees for the following  awards. Please download the application and the State Vitals below. If you don't submit your state vitals with your application, your entry will be void.


Things to know:

  • Year AwardDeadline for submissions is July 15 for all awards, no exceptions.
  • Awards will be presented at the 2016 Young Agent Leadership Conference Sept.9-10 in Chicago. Registration coming soon. 
  • Breakthrough Committee recognizes a state that has not applied for an award in the last 3 years.  
  • Hall of Achievement recognizes a state that has earned membership development, InVEST, communications, politcal involvement, state committee project and young agent meeting since 2004.
  • Who's won in the past?
  • Check out webinars with the winners.

Special Thanks to Travelers for sponsoring the Awards Reception.

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Individual Awards

Outstanding Young Agent  of the Year

The Big "I" national Young Agents Committee will recognize a young agent who provides exemplary service to their association, community and the industry. State association staff, liaisons, other agency professionals or carrier/vendor staff may make the nominations.

Outstanding Young Agent Liaison of the Year

The Big "I" national Young Agents Committee will recognize a state liaison who has provided outstanding support and leadership to their state Young Agents program.


Applications are due on July 15, 2016 NO EXTENSIONS. Every state with an active, start-up or revitalizing committee is strongly encouraged to apply-- you've got nothing to lose!

Important information about your submission:

  •  Entries must be submitted by July 15, 2016.
  • Activities should have been conducted between July 1, 2015, and July 1, 2016.
  • Each YAC MUST submit the Outstanding Young Agent Committee Awards Application: State Vitals (one copy) and the Outstanding Young Agents Committee Award Application for each category you want to be considered for.
  • Responses for each question are limited to 500 words unless otherwise noted.
  • Opportunity to include supporting documents including websites, brochures and photos is given at the end of the application.
  • For each supporting document, please include a description (ex: Big “I” Facebook page) and hyperlink (ex: or description (ex: Membership recruiting brochure) and title of the document (ex: youngagent.pdf) if you are emailing attachments. Please note if document titles for attachments do not match the application they will not be included in the judging process.
  • Submit your application via email to .


Evaluation process:

  •  Judges include Big “I” staff, often new employees, and Platinum Young Agents sponsors should they choose to participate in the process.
  • Each judge is responsible for evaluating one award category and assigning each response a number value (a total of 25 points are available for each award category). The judge then tallies each application. The winner of the category is the applicant with the highest number.
  • The Outstanding Young Agents Committee (YAC) Award selection is two-fold. The total of their Outstanding YAC essay and supporting documentation (a total of 50 points are available) and the average of their other awards categories in which they’ve submitted. Once the Outstanding YAC of the Year is selected, they are ineligible to win any other awards.
  • Once judging is completed, the YAC of the Year recipient is deemed ineligible to receive an award in any other category.
  • A state may win more than one award category excluding the Outstanding YAC of the Year.
  • All states will receive a certificate for being part of the awards process.
  • Awards will be presented at the Young Agents Leadership Institute Sept. 9-10 being held in conjunction with the Big “I” Fall Leadership Conference in Chicago.    

Hall of Achievement Awards:

  • State Young Agents Committees (YAC) are now eligible for the Hall of Achievement Award. This award is given to a state that has earned all outstanding categories excluding Outstanding YAC of the Year. This award is designed to recognize YACs for their commitment to the industry, the association and the awards process. 
  • No additional paperwork will be submitted for this award.
  • Criteria: If a YAC has won the following 6 award categories: Outstanding Membership Development, Outstanding Communications, Outstanding Meeting, Outstanding Political Involvement, Outstanding State Committee Project and the New Outstanding InVEST Enthusiast they are automatically eligible for the Hall of Achievement Award. The accumulation of winnings does not need to be in any specific order, nor does it have to be consecutive years. To give this award a jumpstart, accumulation of awards will begin in 2004.
  • How it works: Once a state has earned Hall of Achievement status, they receive a plaque which is presented at the Big “I” Young Agents Leadership Institute awards reception.  After receiving Hall of Achievement status the state then starts over to achieve another Hall of Achievement Award. For example, if a state earns Hall of Achievement status in 2013 and they win a different award every year, excluding 2016 when they did not win an award, they will win Hall of Achievement again in 2020. 
 TO FINALIZE YOUR APPLICATION Please email the State Vitals form and the applications for the categories in which you choose to apply to You will receive confirmation from IIABA within 48 hours of submission. If you don't send your State Vitals, your application will be void.