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webinars: webinars The Big "I" National Young Agents Committee (YAC) encourages young agents – those under 40 years of age or with less than 5 years experience in the industry – to become aware of and get involved in the activities and programs of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (the Big "I").

YAC Chat Webinars

Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015 1 p.m. EST
Outstanding Young Agent Committee of the Year, the Young Agents Council of the Florida Association Insurance Agents 
Florida took away the 'Big Win' in 2015 and now's your chance to find out how! Learn about the award winning strategies of the Florida young agents, winner of the Outstanding YAC of the Year Award which recognizes one state for their outstanding efforts  to foster association growth and secure the future of the independent agency system. Bring questions, and your experience to the YAC chat event and learn from other YACs around the nation.
Hosts: Boyd McGehee, Jimbo Ramsay
Presenter: Melissa Champany, state liaison; Karyn Roeling, Chair
Tuesday, Jan. 12 1 p.m. EST
Outstanding Communications, The Young Agents Comittee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia
Learn about the award winning strategies of the Georgia young agents, winner of the communcations award  which recognizes outstanding achievement in maintaining a communications campaign dedicated to young agents. Bring questions, and your experience to the YAC chat event and learn from other YACs around the nation.
Hosts: Jimbo Ramsey
Presenter: Jonathan Tease, staff liaison; Jarrett Bridges, chair


Past Webinar Recordings  

YAC Chat: Outstanding State Committee Project, The Young Agents Committee of the Alabama Independent Insurance Agents
Learn about the award winning strategies of the Alabama young agents, winner of the state committee project award that benefits the community, the insurance industry, and/or the independent agency system. Bring questions, and your experience to the YAC chat event and learn from other YACs around the nation.
Hosts: Boyd McGehee,Talladega Insurance, Jimbo Ramsay, The Cashion Co.
Presenter: Alison Ray, Big I Alabama staff, CD Denson, Stead and Fuller Insurance, Todd Roberts, Talladega Insurance 
2015-11-17 13.00 Young Agent_ Outstanding State Committee Project.mp42015-11-17 13.00 Young Agent_ Outstanding State Committee Project.mp4


YAC Chat: Moving on Up: Perpetuation for Young Agents 
Presented by InsurBanc, Big “I” national Young Agents Committee Platinum Partner 
Speaker: David W. Tralka, President & Chief Executive Officer, InsurBanc 

An agency perpetuation plan is critical to a successful ownership transition. If climbing the ownership ladder is in your career plan, then this free webinar is for you. As a young agent, how do you make yourself part of the succession plan? Discover the value should you provide to the organization now, to help you land a leadership role in the future. 

Presenter, David Tralka has more than 25 years of experience in banking and financial services. As President and Chief Executive Officer of InsurBanc, Tralka is responsible for keeping the bank focused on being an innovative provider of financial products and services for the independent agency community.
Outstanding Membership Development, Rhode Island
Boost member numbers and engagement by tuning into Rhode Island's award-winning strategies.
Presenter: Independent Insurance Agents of Rhode Island Young Agents Committee Marcia Berthiaume, Kelly Townsend
Outstanding InVEST, Florida
2015-05-12 13.06 YAC Chat_Outstanding InVEST Involvement.wmvRecording
Find out how the Florida Young Agents make the most of InVEST, the insurance education program, in their state.
Presenters: Melissa Champany, Matt Ostrander, Karyn Roeling
Outstanding Meeting, Maine
2015-04-28 13.02 YAC Chat_Outstanding Young Agents Meeting.wmvRecording
Learn about the young agent panel program that highlights leaders of the past, present and future.
Presenter:  Maine Insurance Agents Association Shannon Gorman  
Outstanding Communications, Massachusetts​
Learn about the creative communication strategies of the award winning committee.
Presenter: Melissa Murphy, Steve Monaco
Outstanding YAC of the Year, Georgia 
Discover how the Georgia Young Agents Committee took away the Outstanding YAC of the Year Award through savvy communications, membership engagement, creative InsurPac strategies and more.
Host:Quincy Branch 

  • Kelli Dean, Immediate Past YAC Chairman
  • Jarrett Bridges, YAC Chairman
  • Robbie Moore, YAC Vice Chairman
  • Jimbo Floyd, YAC Secretary / Treasurer
  • Stacie King, IIAG YAC Liaison
Outstanding State Committee Project, North Carolina
Find out how these young agents help the community, the insurance industry, and/or the independent agency system. Through their efforts the committee presented a check for $19,000 to the Ronald McDonald House.|Host: Boyd McGehee
Presenters: Allyson Knott, Josh Lipstone and Sydney Jamison
YAC Chat: Social Savvy Young Agents Committee Shares All
Find out how the Georgia Young Agents Committee, winners of the 2013 Outstanding Young Agent Communications Award found the right mix of tech savvy and traditional communications to increase coverage of their committee’s activities by more than 30%. The committee saw a 75% increase in Twitter followers and launched a text messaging service and strategy to keep young agents in the know. Discover affordable strategies you can implement in your state association whether it’s for the young agents committee or other activities.  

YAC Chat: Young Agent Excellence Revealed

A 20% leap in YAC Annual Conference attendance, a new “Ask a YAC” app and increased InsurPac contributions, were just a few achievements that earned the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents Young Agents Council a record-breaking fourth Outstanding YAC of the Year award.  Find out how the civic-minded young leaders in Michigan are making difference in the community and encouraging more young agent involvement in association activities. When the Michigan YAC drops knowledge, you are sure to find valuable take-a-ways to take your state’s young agents program to the next level.
YAC Chat: Strategies for Boosting Young Agent Political Involvement
Discover the creative and effective fundraising strategies that helped the North Carolina Young Agents more than tripled their InsurPac goal raking in nearly $12,000. The committee keeps members in the know, utilizing action alerts to educate members on pressing issues. The team also sends 10 young agents to the Big “I” Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. to give them the Capitol Hill experience.

YAC Chat: Outstanding Young Agent Meeting
Presenter: Young Agents Council of Florida Association of Insurance Agents
How do you attract nearly 200 attendees to a brand new education program? The answer: superb content and a detailed marketing strategy. The Young Agents Council of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents, winner of the 2013 Outstanding Young Agents Meeting Award, will share the strategy behind the new Leaders Series, a five-part program that couples sales training with Roger Sitkins, panel discussions and networking. Attend this webinar and take-a-way tips and techniques for hosting successful, well-attended seminars and events.

3 Steps to Increasing Young Agent Participation? Yes Please.

Georgia Young Agents Committee shares tips for increasing young agent participation in association activities during Jan. 28 webinar.
Find out how the Georgia Young Agents Committee increased the number of active young agent members by nearly 50% in one year. Learn the three-part strategy they implemented and take-away ideas to increase your state’s young agent-- well any agent--engagement.


A strategic approach to enhancing your agency's online presence

Presenter: Matt Marko, Marketing Process Manager, Progressive Insurance, Marty Agather, VP sales, Project CAP

The Big “I” national Young Agents Committee and platinum sponsor Progressive are hosting a webinar to help agencies enhance their online presence. Matt Marko, marketing process manager for Progressive helps agencies grow their business locally using online and offline marketing strategies. In this free webinar, attendees will learn the strategies he shares every day to help independent agents grow their share of the market.

  • Review a simple three-strategy model for enhancing online presence
  • Discuss top online marketing opportunities for agents
  • Highlight Progressive-tested online marketing programs

Matt is responsible for helping Progressive's network of more than 35,000 independent insurance agencies grow their businesses locally using both online and offline marketing media. He led the launch of Progressive's ListAgent local search program which has increased the online visibility of more than 4,500 agencies to date. Matt joined Progressive in 2005 as a product manager.
Matt graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in Economics and History and earned his earned his M.B.A. from Darden.


Listen to the Recording
Online marketing prioritization survey
Project CAP



State Young Agent Committee Chair and Staff Liaisons Quarterly Calls 

During the Big “I” Young Agents Leadership Institute, state Young Agent Committee chairs and liaisons were looking for a way to stay connected throughout the year. The Big “I” national YAC will be hosting quarterly conference/video calls to continue the idea sharing. To have the calls at a manageable size that will allow everyone to contribute, the calls will be organize by region and lead by the national Young Agent Committee member who represents your state. 

Please join us for the first call and we will make introductions and give an overview of national YAC’s role. We will also discuss the Big “I” Legislative Conference and ideas for content that will benefit your attendees. There will also be an opportunity to share ideas on how the national YAC can best serve our states up and coming leaders.
YAC lead: Jill Roth
States represented: (CT DC DE MA ME MD NH NJ NY RI VA VT)
YAC lead: Quincy Branch
States represented: (ID MN MT NE NV ND SD UT WY)
YAC lead: Carolyn Reynolds
States represented: (IA IN IL KS KY MI MO OH PA WI WV)
YAC lead: Boyd McGehee
States represented: (AL AR FL GA LA MS NC OK SC TN )

YAC lead: Joe Hamilton
States represented: (AK AZ CA CO HI NM OR TX WA )




YAC Chat: Outstanding InVEST Programs

Presenter: The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois
Michael-Charles Hilson, Vice President, GBG, Inc.
The Young Agents of the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois understand how important it is to attract new professionals to the industry and know that successful InVEST programs are key. Illinois has 5 InVEST programs that educate high school students on insurance and careers in insurance. The Illinois YAC will share how they started, tips on fundraising and how they educate members and companies on the value of InVEST. Find out what resonates with InVEST students and much more.
Techincal difficulties, no recording available. Outstanding YAC-Illinois.pptxOutstanding YAC-Illinois.pptx 

YAC Chat:Outstanding State Commitee Project, the Young Agents Council of the Florida Independent Insurance Agents

Giving back to the community is a wonderful way to build brand awareness and engage members. Five years ago, the Florida Association of Insurance Agents Young Agents Council launched the SmartStart4Kids school supply drive and has since raised more than $100,000 in supplies for area non-profits. The Florida YAC was presented the Outstanding Community Project Award for their efforts in 2012 and will be presenting the next YAC Chat Webinar on June 13. Find out how they engage members throughout the state with a little friendly competition. Discover how they earned top-notch media coverage and used social media to create awareness. With 275 young agents, 1436 participants  and the support of 18 organizations they program earned more than $34,000 in school supplies in 2011-12. Whether your state is looking to create or partner with a charity, this webinar is sure to provide tips and techniques for engaging members and getting coverage. Please note, these webinars are available open to everyone.   NO RECORDING AVAILABLE due to technical difficulties with webinar service.
Techincal difficulties, no recording available. Outstanding YAC-florida.pptxOutstanding YAC-florida.pptx

YAC Chat: Outstanding Meeting: The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas

Presenter, Kara Holiman, YAC Liaision

The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas earned the Outstanding Meeting award in 2012. The first-time applicant will share tips on how they host an extraordinary event on a tight budget. This YAC didn’t let budget hold them back, they increased event participation by 30% attracting 43% of their active young agent members.  They credit this to an overhaul of the event—new name, new speakers and new curriculum. With lots of fundraising they were also able to offer 26 first-time scholarships. Attend this webinar and hear how Arkansas they created a big time event on a small time budget! RECORDING  Outstanding YAC-Arkansas.pptxOutstanding YAC-Arkansas.pptx

YAC Chat: Outstanding Communications: Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina

Presenter: TDB

The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina, Inc. earned the Outstanding Communications award in 2012. The N.C. YAC will share their tips for creating an annual editorial plan and using the right mix of staff and committee involvement in their communication and marketing strategies. Successes in 2012 include increasing Facebook following by 35% and attracting 28,000 visitors to their website. They use a mix of communication vehicles including a Young Agent newsletter, email promotions, their website, and include quarterly Young Agent spotlights in the states’ magazine, Carolina Agents Journal. Attend this webinar and learn how your committee can plan and communicate more effectively.  RECORDING. 2012 Communication Award Presentation (2).ppt2012 Communication Award Presentation (2).ppt



YAC Chat: Outstanding Membership Development, The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana, Inc.

Presenter: Steve Duff, YAC Liaison

The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana, Inc. earned the Outstanding Membership Development award in 2012—the third time they’ve taken the award since 2008. The Indiana YAC grew dues paying Young Agents by 8% in the last year. The committee understands the importance of communication in the membership development and retention process. They work year-round to work with agency principals, make lasting first-impressions all while achieving exceeding membership goals. Attend this webinar and discover the Indiana way to grow young agent membership. RECORDING Indiana YAC 12 Membership Development.pptxIndiana YAC 12 Membership Development.pptx


 YAC Chat: Outstanding Political Involvement, The Emerging Leaders of the Insurance Brokers & Agents of California


Presenters: Mike Orrick, YAC Liaison 

The Emerging Leaders of the Insurance Brokers & Agents of California was presented with the 2012 Outstanding Political Involvement Award. The committee surpassed their InsurPac fundraising goals raising $3372. Their most remarkable achievement was hosting a Virtual Summit which grew participation in their legislative event by 200%. But, to make it all happen, the committee communicates effectively with Young Agents on the political process. Find out how the Emerging Leaders made strides in the legislative process. RECORDING Outstanding YAC-California.pptxOutstanding YAC-California.pptx


YAC Chat: Excellence Revealed, The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia.


Presenters: Kelli Dean, Jarrett Bridges, Brooks Ziegler and Ash Smith.

The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia was presented the 2012 YAC of the Year. Their well-organized committee gives back to the community, donating $43,000 to local charities. InsurPac is top-of-mind and the group tripled their goal raised $7415 from 41 Young Agents. When it comes to perpetuation, the committee provides top-notch education to young members including the new Future Principal program, speakers from the Institute of Workers Comp and an agent producer panel. Attend this webinar and find out how the YAC of Georgia met these marks, and more.  RECORDING Outstanding YAC-Georgia.pptxOutstanding YAC-Georgia.pptx