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Property and casualty insurance for personal motor homes, bus conversions, & travel trailers and campers.
One of the premier portfolios of protection in the industry delivered by a team of experts dedicated to serving community banks.
"A" Rated Excess & Surplus Lines carrier offering Homeowners, Rental, Condominium, & Vacant Dwelling insurance for risks other carriers decline or are unable to write.


Yacht shows around the world showcase larger boats of many different styles and sizes. They are also where some outlandish concepts are released and while most will never be built, it's fun and interesting to peruse the outlandish designs.

For real-life yachts, Big "I" Markets provides you access to a first class market through AIG. Your affluent clients owning boats have different needs and exposures than the average homeowner. AIG understands this and have Loss Prevention and Safe Practices tip sheets for you to share with them. You don't them to end up on one of these Launch Gone Wrong videos.

Comprehensive Yacht Insurance is available as part of the AIG's Private Client Group homeowners coverage. The homeowners is available for dwelling replacement cost coverage valued at $500k or more in most states.

  • Yachts as part of a package account. Monoline yachts with a hull value of $300,000 and higher in non-CAT areas are also considered ($1M value in CAT areas)
  • Jewelry, fine art, collections, as part of a package acct.
  • High symbol, high performance vehicles with acceptable driving records as part of a package acct.
  • Collector car accounts as part of a package acct.
  • Condo or Renters with at least $250,000 in contents
Included are:
  • Guaranteed replacement cost - Included in most states
  • Back-up of sewers and drains - Included; up to dwelling value
  • Business property - Up to $25,000
  • Deductible options - Up to $100,000 available
  • Primary flood - Available
  • Equipment breakdown - Available
  • Identity fraud restoration expenses, ATM robbery, and financial fraud, embezzlement or forgery - Available
  • Traumatic threat or event recovery - Available
  • Green rebuilding expenses - Available
  • Waiver of deductible on losses over $50,000 - Available
  • Replacement cost cash out option - Included
  • Lock replacement - Included; no deductible
  • Food spoilage - Included
  • Loss prevention devices following a claim - Included; up to $2,500 available
AIG's Private Client Program is available to registered Big "I" Markets agents in all states. Sail over to Big "I" Markets and click on Affluent Program - New Business to learn more!  

How to Hire the Salespeople of Today and Tomorrow

Long before a salesperson meets a customer, that customer researched the features and benefits of the products and services in question, read online reviews from other customers and assessed competitor offerings.

And that means a successful sales professional can no longer expect to show up, fill the room with personality and win based on a persuasive presentation of features and benefits.

To be successful, a salesperson must… Continue reading the full Caliper article here.

Did you know that Big "I" members receive a 10% discount on Caliper hiring assessments, 10% discount on staff development tools, and expert consultants who can help you in all areas of talent management? In addition, Caliper is offering all Big "I" members a free Individual Developmental Guide with the purchase of their first Caliper Profile - a $100 value. This offer is available to new clients only.

To learn more about Caliper's solutions, visit www.calipercorp.com/iiaba or contact brett.sutch@iiaba.net.  

CyberRisk e-Business

In today's data-driven world, organizations of all sizes are at risk for a cyber attack or data breach. It may not be a question of if your organization will suffer a breach, but when. Just one stolen laptop, one resourceful hacker, one virus or even one lost paper record of customer data or your company's financial records can create enormous financial and reputational consequences for your business.

Travelers CyberRisk coverage is available for private, nonprofit and public companies of all sizes and offered as a stand-alone policy or as part of a management liability suite of coverages. CyberRisk provides a combination of coverage options to help protect your business.

CyberRisk Liability insuring agreements cover costs associated with the liability of a claim or suit related to a breach and includes:

  • Network & Information Security Liability - Coverage for claims arising from unauthorized access to data, failure to provide notification of a data breach where required by law, transmission of computer virus or failure to provide authorized users with access to the company website.
  • Communications & Media Liability - Coverage for claims arising from copyright infringement, plagiarism, defamation, libel and slander in electronic content.
  • Regulatory Defense Expenses - Coverage for governmental claims made as a result of network and information security liability or communications and media liability.
First-party insuring agreements cover such things as the material costs of a breach, including forensic analysis, fees to determine the nature and extent of the breach, as well as notification costs that are legally mandated in 47 states and include:
  • Crisis Management Event Expenses - Coverage for public relations services to mitigate negative publicity.
  • Security Breach Remediation & Notification Expenses - Coverage for costs associated with notification of individuals breached, credit monitoring, fraud expense reimbursement and call center. Optional per person notification available.
  • Computer Program & Electronic Data Restoration Expenses - Coverage for expenses to restore data lost from system damage due to computer virus or unauthorized access.
  • Computer Fraud - Coverage for loss of money, securities or other property due to unauthorized system access.
  • Funds Transfer Fraud - Coverage for loss of money or securities due to fraudulent transfer instructions to a financial institution.
  • E-Commerce Extortion - Coverage for money paid as a result of threats made to fraudulently transfer funds, destroy data, introduce a virus, attack a system or disclose electronic customer information.
  • Business Interruption & Expenses - Coverage for loss of income and expenses to restore operations as a result of a computer system disruption caused by a virus or unauthorized computer attack.
In addition, your business will have access to the Travelers' eRisk Hub® - an information portal that includes pre- and post-event benefits including:
  • Tools to build privacy controls, information and IT security programs
  • Calculators to estimate potential costs of an event
  • Listing of experts who help customers build/improve cyber programs
  • Statutory, regulatory and case law updates on privacy liability and notification obligations
  • HIPAA Coach service - 1-hour consultation to identify cyber-related issues HIPAA raises
  • Breach Coach® service - 30-minute attorney consultation
  • Sample incident roadmap for dealing with a privacy breach
  • Easy access to Travelers' claim reporting website CyberRisk is part of the Travelers Wrap+ for Executive Liability for Private Companies product. You can pick and choose the coverages your client needs and leave off what they don't. In the future you can add new or drop old coverages as needed.
Coverage Features common to all:
  • Additional Defense Coverage
    • Additional Defense Limit of Liability
    • Survives exhaustion of base limit
    • Available for each liability coverage elected or shared
  • Defense options
    • Duty to Defend (100 percent predetermined allocation)
    • Reimbursement
  • Single retention for claim triggering multiple liability coverages and no retention if unable or not permitted to indemnify
  • Worldwide coverage - claims made or occurring
  • Foreign parent corporation coverage as co-defendant
  • Severability of application representations
  • Subsidiary acquisition - 25 percent of assets
  • Extended Reporting Period
    • Bi-Lateral
    • 3-year run-off available for pre-determined premium
    • Report potential claims
    • Elect by liability coverages
  • Duties in the event of claim - triggered by knowledge of Executive Officer
Review these links to learn more about available options, access highlight and sell sheets, and more: As part of the coverage, insureds receive access to Risk Management Plus+ Online®, a one-stop resource that provides a comprehensive set of tools to help protect organizations from costly litigation. To learn more, visit www.rmplusonline.com.

To access the Wrap+ please log into Big "I" Markets. and look for Wrap+ products in the commercial product listing.

Please note that Community Homeowners Associations and Healthcare Organizations are not currently available through Big "I" Markets.  

Condo Cases of Crime and D&O Defects
Big "I" Virtual University
NEW April Lightning Learning
Big "I" Virtual University
Date: Wednesday, April 11
Time: 1:00 - 1:30pm EST
Cost: $49 (includes live presentation, recording and written transcript)
Crime cases of embezzlement in community associations are undeniable and range in boldness and severity. Consider a true-tale of long-time Board of Director's member that decided to fund his gambling habit with subdivision assessments. Or a condo manager that transferred condo money into a fake maintenance company (herself). Attend the Condo Cases of Crime and D&O Defects webinar to learn how to build better fidelity and D&O policies for community associations, the type of claims covered under a broad policy and what you can do to protect your condo clients by building a better fidelity policy.

If you are looking for quick strikes of information check out the VU's 20-minute Lightning Learning series set to focus on good business and goal setting for the month of April. Please send any questions to VU staff.
Date: Wednesday, April 12, 16, 24
Time: 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. EST
Cost: $9.99 for all three sessions
The Big "I" Virtual University's April Lightning Learning series features three 20-minute sessions dedicated to business, selling and goals. Even if you can't participate in the live sessions, you will receive a link to the on-demand recordings and can listen at your leisure. Register once to attend the following:
  • April 12 - Is All Business Good Business?
    I'll save you the suspense - NO! Not all business is good business and not all opportunities are good opportunities. There are specific signs to indicate when you should just walk away. That's what we discuss in this session - when to know you need to walk away.
  • April 16 - How Much "Effective" Selling Time do You Actually Have?
    "Available" selling time is not the same as "effective" selling time. "Effective" selling time is a function of closing ratios. (You do know your closing ratio, don't you?)
  • April 24 - How Much New Business Do You Have to Add to Make Goal?
    I believe the answer to this question is going to surprise you. For an agency or even a producer to accomplish a new business goal several factors must be considered: 1) retention ratio; 2) "intrinsic" book changes; 3) closing ratio; and 4) average income.
When looking for quick strikes of information on focused topics the VU's monthly Lightning Learning series is there to help. The next extended webinar will focus on ISO Personal Auto Changes and includes a 'seat' to attend live, a link to the on-demand recording, and a written transcript. Consider presenting conference style for the entire agency to benefit. Please send any questions to VU staff.

Here are the top three items that got BIM agents clicking from our last edition... see what you missed!
  1. Non-standard Homeowners, Renters, Condominium, Rental Dwellings, Vacant Dwellings
  2. MiddleOak Habitational
  3. "Gilligan's Island" Theme Song

Congratulations to our agent in Congratulations to our agent in Washington on a Small Contractor sale of $5,704 in premium!  

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