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July 10
Get an International Advantage

Many companies and nonprofit organizations mistakenly assume their comprehensive domestic insurance coverage can handle worldwide exposures. While they may be correct when facing a lawsuit within U.S. borders, what happens when legal action is initiated from outside the U.S., or losses covered on U.S. soil are excluded by the insurance policies of another country?


The compulsory insurance requirements of foreign countries may not be as encompassing as those required in the U.S.—which creates a clear need for comprehensive insurance coverage to reduce the risks associated with conducting business outside U.S. borders. Who assumes the risk in the event of bodily injury, illness or death of employees traveling or living outside the U.S.? Do domestic coverages extend to providing emergency medical evacuation? These are just a few of the questions companies and nonprofit organizations must consider when developing a presence in other countries.

For more information on the ACE International Advantage program or to request a quote, log in to Big “I” Markets and select “International Advantage” from the Commercial Lines product menu.


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