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February 12
Find Out if Your Team Has Room for Improvement
Caliper now offers a new tool for capitalizing on workplace strengths.

​Caliper now offers a new tool: the Strategic Team Overview, which collects individual information through a validated personality assessment to provide data on workplace strengths and motivations—while also helping managers and leaders identify areas of developmental improvement. 

After team members take the assessment, Caliper combines the information in a report that includes:
  • Diagnostic charts that show the issues affecting the team and opportunities for improvement.
  • An at-a-glance view of team composition, highlighting behavioral traits that work well together or conflict.
  • Aggregate strengths and weaknesses across your team, including gaps in behaviors for targeted training.
  • A team competency snapshot. 
Agents can use Caliper reports as part of larger initiatives such as workforce planning, leadership development, team analysis and succession planning. Big “I” members receive exclusive discounted pricing on all Caliper products, including consulting services.


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