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February 12 Traffic is Off the Charts
Website stats show consumers are loving the new portal.

​January marked the sixth straight record-breaking month for traffic. More consumers than ever are finding answers to their questions about insurance coverage and looking for qualified independent agents to help them through the portal.

Organic search traffic (visits from consumers who found the site naturally, rather than clicking on a paid ad) was up more than 60% for January and  800% year over year. From December 2013 to January 2014 alone, the site has enjoyed a 21% increase in overall traffic. Between January 2013 and January 2014, it reflects traffic growth of 450%.
At launch in June 2013, ranked for just a handful of keywords consumers were searching for when they wanted information on insurance. Today, the site ranks on the first page of Google searches for nearly 1,500 keywords—and counting. Consumers are not only looking for you; now, they can find you, and fast.
This immense growth indicates a deep consumer need for more information about their insurance and the independent agents like you who can help them.
Make 2014 the year you leverage the advantage that is capable of providing. The site is growing every day, and it can bring consumers right to your doorstep. Signup is easy at


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