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March 06
Stand-Alone Bicycle Coverage Pedals into Big ‘I’ Markets

The stand-alone fine art and valuable articles program in Big "I" Markets has expanded to cover bicycles. This annual policy offers a wide variety of optional coverage targeted to serious cyclists for private, pleasure and competitive use. 

Customers most likely to benefit from bicycle insurance are fitness and competitive cyclists, members of a cycling association or participants in cycling competitions, with the need to purchase specialized coverage for their higher-end bicycles.

The annual policy covers units on land within the United States and Canada, or while in transit by land or air from and to a location within those countries. An optional endorsement is available to extend physical damage coverage worldwide.

For full coverage details or to request a quote for bicycle insurance, log on to Big “I” Markets and select “Stand-alone Fine Art, Valuable Articles, and Bicycle Program – Personal” from the personal lines menu. This program is currently available to members in all states except AK, CA, CT, DC, FL, HI, NC, NV, OH, PA, SC, TX, WV and WY. Expect additional states to become available in the near future. ​


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