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'API' Work Group

This ACT work group is being created in January, 2019 to address the significant need for education and openness around API opportunities in our distribution channel. We are bringing together reps from carriers, vendors, agencies, as well as state associations to develop a level understanding on this issue.   

Areas we will define:

  • How does each stakeholder define 'API'?

  • What will different levels of success look like?

  • How does each stakeholder work openly with others?

  • What areas can/should ACT impact?

2020 Strategy Update

Based on discussions in API work group meetings, we are developing an 'API Partner Security Guide' to provide background for discussion between development partners.

Working drafts of 'Data Protection' and 'Security SLA' sections are available:

In our Oct 23, 2019 ACT Meeting, we will hold a dedicated breakout on APIs.  Background and discussion points are available below:

 The goal for completion of the full guide is Q3 2020.
Work Group Chairs
Steve Anderson (Steve Anderson Consulting), and Duke Williams (EchoSage and SimplyEaserPayments)
​127 South Peyton Street
Alexandria VA 22314
​phone: 800.221.7917
fax: 703.683.7556

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