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Small Commercial Rating Work Group

This work group is dedicated to identifying Carrier pain points on Bridging, and real-time comparative rating.  A preliminary discussion between key industry representatives determined that there is an opportunity to re-address rating for Small Commercial Lines. This work group will work to 1) facilitate improvement, consistency, and education on existing 'bridging' functionality from management systems to carrier sites and 2) determine direction and advocacy for the desired end-state of consistent Real Time Comparative Rating for Small Commercial Lines. The work group held a kickoff meeting in September 2015, then fielded an industry-wide survey to confirm challenges and further refine its goals.
Our Small Commercial Rating group used this survey data to assign projects and deliverables  In August 2016, the work group created a "Carrier Bridging Best Practices" Recommendations document as advocacy to carriers for consistency and agency ease-of-use in Bridging quotes to carriers agent portals.  The group will also create a focus group to address existing issues with data and download/rating standards.

2020 Strategy Update:  This work group has now;
1) run 2-3 focused comparative rating pilots to gain insights into challenges and benefits of comparative rating for small commercial lines of business.  The goal will be to create and share best practice learnings that will benefit all stakeholders, driving increased carrier participation, as well as agency awareness & utilization.  Current status:  
  • We landed on separate pilots with two comparative rating vendors - InsureZone and IBQ who graciously offered to let applicant agencies use their rating platforms free of charge for 90 days.  Two other vendors declined to participate.
  • Both InsureZone and IBQ have worked to set up 18-25 agencies each, providing training and support.
  • Participants have also agreed to consistently use the raters every day, as well as provide feedback via a detailed survey we have created.  The comparative rating vendors are also collecting direct feedback during training and support calls and will provide details to us.  ACT will likewise share the feedback we capture with these pilot vendors.
  • While the 90-day pilots will not fully begin prior to the May 20-21 ACT Meeting in Cincinnati, we shared a status update during the meeting.
  • At the conclusion of the pilot, this work group will be engaged to review results and assist in providing summaries/ROI to our distribution channel.
This work group contains very passionate volunteers - If you'd like to join the conversation, please contact
Chair:  Jim Armitage (Arroyo Insurance Services).
Click here to access the "Carrier Bridging Best Practices" Recommendations document.

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