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Future Issues Work Group

2020 Strategy Update:  The Future Issues work group is meeting to create an AI 'deep dive', updating our 'Autonomous Vehicles' Risk Advisory, and creation of other Risk Advisories on Chatbots, Messaging, and Marketing.  

This work group has traditionally been the technology trend beacon for ACT and the industry, keeping an eye on the key hard trends, and informing/directing focus areas for other ACT Work Groups and industry associations.  Some of the work groups created or directed by Future include the Customer Experience, Mobile/Mobility, Social Web, Agencies of the Future, Mobile Strategies, Business Intelligence, Carrier Communications, and Mid-Commercial. 

The Future Work Group released the first phase of the 2015 Hard Trends Report, providing a comprehensive update and enhancement of the major 'Hard' trends impacting both the way we do business and the way we serve our customers. The work group then developed the second and final phase of the report which highlights key Must-Do action items that ACT and the industry should pursue in response to the challenges and opportunities brought about by the hard trends.

In October 2018, the work group released a new '2018 Key Tech Trends Report ', assisting our industry in accurately planning technology strategy.
The Future Work Group also directed the creation of the Changing Nature of Risk work group, which creates 2-3 page 'Risk Advisories' on individual topics.  From the Risk Advisories, the Future work group has identified the top areas the industry must address; the Internet of Things, Smart Homes & Buildings, and the Sharing Economy.  
Click Here to review the '2018 Key Tech Trends Report'.

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