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2020 April 22 Virtual ACT Meeting - Downloadable Resources

This meeting was held virtually using GoToWebinar

Presentations & Breakout Session Materials:

Steve Anderson - Practicing Successful Failure:

             Video recording of Steve's session HERE:

       2020Apr22 ACT Mtg - SteveAnderson - Practicing Successful Failure.pdf

       Steve Anderson - ACT Meeting 4.22.20 Q&A.pdf

Becky Schroeder - The Importance of Being Local

            Video recording of Becky's session HERE: 

     2020Apr22 ACT Mtg - BeckySchroeder - The Importance of Being Local.pdf

     Becky Schroeder - ACT Meeting 4.22.20 Q&A.pdf

Dustin Mooney - Cybersecurity From Home

            Video recording of Dustin's session HERE:

     2020Apr22 ACT Mtg - Rigid Bits - Cybersecurity From Home.pdf
       Rigid Bits; "Work-From-Home Plan of Action & Milestones" POA&M document 
       Mintz Matrix - Data Breach law explained for all states

   Dustin Mooney - ACT Meeting 4.22.20 Q&A.pdf

Ron Berg - Vital ACT Resources

            Video recording of the ACT session HERE:  

      ACT 2020Apr22 - Vital ACT Resources.pdf

      Ron Berg - ACT Meeting 4.22.20 Q&A.pdf


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