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Assess clients’ needs and modify service accordingly

Be proactive and contact your client in advance of their renewals. Be armed with any new information you've collected during your touchpoints throughout the year and be prepared to address any issues or concerns you know could arise. 

When you are proactive with content and education, acting on your client's behalf, are involved in your community and are building a trusting relationship with them - your clients will appreciate that and likely renew. 

Research shows that 90% of clients that have been contacted by their agents 3 times during their policy period will renew.


1. Be Proactive with renewals

Proactively reach out to the client prior to their renewal with a proposal inclusive of comparable quotes and rate increase explanations. 

With a management system in place, processes can be automated to help simplify the renewal and remarket process. 
With the click of a button, you can be notified to connect with your clients to have those proactive discussions with them on upcoming changes that are impacting their renewals and be prepared with comparable quotes to help them with choices.  Remember, coverage is important, rate isn't necessarily the only reason to make a change.  Use this as an opportunity to update your customer's profile in your agency management system while you are meeting with them and counsel them on coverage or other products, they might need. 

BEST PRACTICE: A key recommendation is to start the renewal process 90-120 days out from the actual renewal date.  And work with your agency management solution to help automate reporting of upcoming renewals.  



2. Cementing Client Engagement

An ongoing goal is to keep clients engaged with meaningful communication so the value you bring is top of mind, not price. This phase is a perfect opportunity to implement great client nurturing tools that allow agents to reach out and request Net Promoter Scores and testimonials in the months prior to renewal.  This minimizes the friction at renewal if a client has previously provided a positive assessment of the agency.  People who have scored the agency high are less likely to reconsider their opinion of the agency at renewal.  And if a client does provide a negative score or review, there is time to address and correct the problematic issue prior to renewal.    


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