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ACT State Technology Liaisons

Updated 01/27/20

ACT seeks to have at least one liaison with each IIABA state association.  The liaison is appointed by the state association and may be an agent or association staff member.  The liaisons communicate frequently with ACT by email, conference call, and sometimes have in person meetings in conjunction with ACT meetings.  We encourage state liaisons to attend at least one ACT meeting a year to get a full picture as to what ACT is doing and to make valuable connections with participants across the industry who are making technology improvements happen.  The responsibilities of the liaisons are to: 

1.    Encourage the state association to embrace technology, workflow improvement, Internet marketing/servicing and information security as priorities on its advocacy agenda with members, carriers, & vendors.  This includes the state association bringing these issues up in officer speeches, company visits, and in workshops and convention sessions.  This also includes the state association encouraging regional carriers to implement Real Time and Download and to participate in industry technology initiatives such as ACT, AUGIE, and the user groups.

2.    Be the point of communication in the state between ACT and the state association.  Share ACT communications and articles with the appropriate people within the state association to keep them informed.  Bring member issues and concerns to ACT’s attention, so that they can be discussed at the national level as well.  Consider contributing articles for use as a monthly ACT article.

3.    Encourage the state association to use monthly ACT articles in their member communications vehicles.  Our 'ACT News' eNewsletter is published on the third Wedesday of each month, and contains excellent resource articles.

4.    Encourage the state association to raise member awareness on an ongoing basis about the ACT information that is available to assist them with their technology, workflow, agency security and Internet marketing & servicing issues.  This information is available at  Other resources are the ID Federation, and the Insurance Digital Revolution.

5.    Participate in State Technology Liaison conference calls and meetings, when they are held.  Coordinate with counterparts in other states and bring other states’ initiatives to the attention of the appropriate individuals within the state association where appropriate.
6.    Participate in the ACT Work Groups where you have an interest.  Attend at least one ACT Meeting a year when possible. 

John Freisen Fountain, Parker and Harbarger & Associates

Angela Korver, Alaska IIA&B
Patricia Roberts, The Mahoney Group
Danielle Thomas, IIA of Arkansas
Patty Lombard, IIABC
Jim Armitage, The Liberty Companies Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Carl Gaspar, Gaspar-Jones & Associates

Spencer Houldin, Ericson Insurance Services
District of Columbia 
Scott Hoffman, Howard & Hoffman 
Jeff Greene, Howard W. Phillips & Co.
Diane Voit, MWAIIA
Paul Peeples. Florida Association of Insurance Agents

James Elrod, Little & Smith
Christy Minardi, IIAG
Marty Harbin, Harbin Agency
Rick Viall, Peachtree Life & Casualty Underwriters 
Sonia Leong, HIIA
Irlene Torres, Atlas Insurance Agency
Wendy Tippetts, IIABI
Mark Kuchar, IIA of Illinois
Craig Payan, PA&T Insurance & Financial Services 
Shannon Churchill, IIA of Illinois
Rachel Romines, IIA of Illinois
Deann French, IIA of Illinois 
Norma Boyd, McGowan Insurance Group
Carol Dulle, IIA of Indiana
Eldon Hunsicker, NOEL Insurance Agency
Tom Douglas, Edwards-Brandt & Assocaites, Ltd.
Cindy Grim, IIAI
Lyle Davidson, The Davidson Agency
Christine Teagarden, Linn County Insurance Agency
Katie Hobson, KAIA
Kerri Spielman, KAIA
Rebecca Spriggs, KAIA
Peggy Barnes, Bush & Boggs Insurance Agency
Peggy Porter, IIAK
Johnny Beckmann, J. Everett Eaves, Inc. 
Jay Brien, Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services
Albert Pappalardo, Pappalardo Agency, Inc.
Malcolm Morris, Morris Insurance Agency
Edwin Robinson, Insurance Unlimited of LA
Francine Berendson, IIAB of Louisiana
Lisa Veregge, MIAA
Laurie Billings, New England Insurance Group
Nancy Nicklow, W. Ray Huff & Associates
Leo Fredette, MAIA
Doug Siwek, MAIA
Keith Knapp, MIIAB
Ray Robertson, MRB Insurance 
Johnny Ferrell, South Group Insurance Services
Lauren Parkin, IIA of Mississippi
Randy Baker, T R Baker Ins
Sheryl Van Leer, MAIA
Amy Hoffman, MAIA
Bob Biskupiak,IIAMT 
Tom Greco, Greco Insurance Agency
Phil Harr, IIA of Nebraska
Carol McClelland, IIA of Nebraska
Mark Lisko, Insurance Planning Associates

Kay Lockhart, NIIA
Justin Manning, Swarts, Manning & Assoc.

New Hampshire
Joan Pageau, IIABNH  

New Jersey
Sheri Acconzo, IIABNJ
Scott Stanford, Britton-Selg-Stanford Agency

New Mexico
Rachel Sheffield, IIANM 
New York
Mark Harrison, NBT-Mang Insurance
Doug Katz, Katz Insurance
North Carolina
Neil Annas, Granite Insurance Agency
George Robertson, Rockingham Insurance Agency
Stuart Powell, IIANC
Natalie Simpson, IIANC
Colin Evans, IIAA of Ohio
Scott Nein, IIA of Ohio
Gary Roach, Wiseman Agency
Jimmy Irwin, Irwin Insurance Agency  
Susan Titus, IIAOK
Lance Singleton, Business Insurors

Barb Demings, IIABO 
Rick Russell, IA&B 
Timothy Wonder, IA&B
Karen Robison, IA&B

Rhode Island
Mark Male, IIARI  

South Carolina
Frank Sheppard, IIABSC 
Vance Stine, Sifford-Stine Ins Agency
Anita Trevino, IIABSC
South Dakota
Brian Bowker, South Dakota Association of Ins. Agents
Brad Smith, Cecil Smith Insurance Agency 
Terry Trapp, Insurors of Tennessee
Rick Bondurant, IIAT 
Cheryl Lyman, UAIIA
Mary Eversole, VIAA 
Melanie Kjar, IIAV 
Linda Loving, IIAV
Kristina Preisner, IIAV
Daniel Holst, IIABW  
Tom Taylor, Jr., Taylor-Thomason Insurance Brokers 
West Virginia
Gray Marion, PIIAWV 
Eric Schwartz, IIA of Wisconsin
Matt Banaszynski, IIA of Wisconsin
Susan Worthington, AWIA 



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