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New ACT Work Group Provides API Direction

ACT News Meeting Edition - June 2019

ACT Meeting June 2019 ACT News.pngPresenters: 
Steve Anderson, Steve Anderson Consulting
Duke Williams, Simply Easier Payments 


Application programming interfaces (APIs) are programs that allow different digital systems to speak to each other. They facilitate the smooth interchange of data to minimize error and inefficiency. E-signature is a type of API. Banking is full of them. For example, you may instruct your bank to transfer money for a car payment. An API works behind the scenes to allow your bank to communicate with your car loan company.


Jerry Fox says, "You can make an API your own through branding. You may think Wells Fargo is transferring your money, but its really the API."


Created in January 2019, ACTs API Work Group hopes to identify one to three actions ACT should take regarding APIs in the next six to 10 months. In that vein, the presenters ran several polls at the ACT Meeting in Cincinnati this May. Those polls gave a snapshot of the sense of the community regarding the use of APIs.


Poll # 1: Have you implemented, or do you use an API? (could include something as simple as linking to Google Maps to give directions to your shop)

  • 86% - Yes
  • 8% - No
  • 6% - Considering


Poll # 2: For those using APIs, how are you using them? (most responses to fewest)

  • Rating
  • Marketing
  • Quoting
  • CRM
  • Integration
  • Website
  • Social media


Poll # 3: For those who are not using an API, the primary reasons are... 

  • No current integrations with management system vendors,
  • Potential security issues,
  • Cost,
  • Lack of internal expertise, and
  • The need for standards around APIs.

For those who are dealing with third-party vendors to create or use an API, make sure you get their certifications and SOC-1 / SOC-2 reports. Verifying the credentials of anyone with deep access to your systems is crucial.


Audience Q&A

Is there a resource that shows what APIs are available?

Coverager ( allows you to filter by geography, company types, and company name.


Is there something available at the state level?

The API Work Group needs feedback if that is something agents want. Do you want webinars, lightning learning, experts who can come to your meetings? Please pass on your thoughts to the group.


ACT leadership will take feedback from this session and meet with the API Work Group to further develop its mission.


 From the Editor: Learn more about ACT's API Work Group here. Also, access more highlights from the May 2019 ACT Meeting here!  

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