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ACT Disaster Preparedness Work Group – Agency Perspective

The Lessons Learned from Recent Disasters and Recommendations for Improved Response

The charge to our work group was to identify the specific problems encountered in the horrific disasters of the last couple of years and to identify specific recommendations for improvement. We have sought to do that in the report below. We were extremely fortunate to have the active involvement of several agents who directly experienced these disasters, as well as the participation of several vendors and association representatives who provided direct support to agencies that had been dislocated. The full roster of our work group follows at the end of this report. Our next steps are to update the ACT disaster planning tool based upon the information in this report and to present our association recommendations to IIABA and the state associations for their further consideration. We would appreciate any further input from the full ACT group on the report below and would like to receive your approval to publish it following the May ACT meeting.

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