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CIS/ACT 'Cyber Hygiene' Toolkits

Issued 10/26/16, Updated 03/13/18

With the ever-increasing proliferation of computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices, come expotential threats for cyber threats. One of the best methods to protect against this is to create a solid program of 'Cyber Hygiene' - making sure we are protecting and maintaining systems and devices appropriately and using cyber security best practices. 

The 'Cyber Hygiene' toolkits were created by the Center for Internet Security ('CIS'), and adjusted using input from ACT's 'Security Issues' work group.  The toolkits address five strategies: Count, Configure, Control, Patch, and Repeat.

To access the 'Cyber Hygiene' toolkits via the CIS website, Click HERE

Note:  The CIS & ACT are continuing to work together to issue a security Small Business Guide, to be issued by year-end 2016.

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