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ACT 2016 'Must-Do' Actions

From the ACT 2015 Hard Trends Report, the 2016 'Must Dos' response actions for our distribution

It goes without saying that the seven hard trends outlined in the 2015 Hard Trends Report will be disruptive and have a significant impact on the insurance industry. Our ability to anticipate, and adapt in innovative ways to the new business environment being ushered in by these trends will determine and define not only our future success but our relevancy as an industry.
ACT is committed to taking a leadership role in researching, educating and informing the industry on proactive strategies focused on not only meeting the threats but more importantly taking advantage of the opportunity these trends present.
To that end, ACT has identified these specific “Must Do” items and suggested strategies to implement them.



To view details around the full 'Must Do' recommendations, please click on the following document: 

ACT SFI 2016 Must-Dos - Updt 2016May11.pdfACT SFI 2016 Must-Dos - Updt 2016May11.pdf

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