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ACT Webinars On-Demand

Watch these featured recorded ACT webinars on-demand.

  Is Your Agency Mobile - Friendly?

Presented live Wednesday, August 16 2017

Mobile is the gateway between you, your clients and prospective clients! This webinar, presented by Matt Aaron from Insurance Agent Mobile Application shares the top 10 reasons mobile is vital to your agency's future. During this webinar you will learn all you need to know about what's happening on the mobile platform, and why your agency needs to harness it's utility now verses later.

If your agency is ready to raise its game and embrace how mobile is a key driver of growth, engagement, productivity and retention, you don't want to miss this webinar!  

Click here to view recording. 

​ Got Video? Using Video to Drive Growth and Retention

Presented live Tuesday, May 16, 2017
This webinar, presented by Mike Demko, Founder of My Insurance Videos, and the Agents Council for Technology (ACT) , gives insights on how to creatively increase sales and retention within your agency through the use of videos! During the webinar you will learn:
  • How videos can increase your sales
  • The types of videos you should set up first    
  • The best way to share videos with customers
  • Tips from agents using video  
  • A quick and easy solution for agents who don't have time to create their own videos
Click here to view the recording.

​ Contractual Agreements: Privacy and Data Breach

Presented live Tuesday, February 7, 2017
This webinar, presented by Judi Newman and Bill Larson, highlights important concepts discussed in a recent ACT whitepaper, Insurance Company Agency Agreement Language that Could Drain Your Agency Assets, focused on guiding agencies through privacy, security and data breach as it relates to GLBA, FCRA, FACTA, HIPAA, and HITECH mandates. You will leave this webinar with a better understanding of contractual compliance as it pertains to state and federal laws, reducing your financial liability risks within your company contracts.
Click here to view the webinar recording.  

 Improving Cyber Security in 4 Simple Steps

Presented live October 25, 2016
ACT is partnering with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to offer a set of 'Cyber Hygiene' tools to help agencies count, configure, control and patch all software, hardware, and security-related aspects of agency business. Learn about these exciting security tools so that you have the necessary plans in place to protect your valuable agency hardware and data.
Click here to view the webinar recording

Small Commercial Rating – Advocacy for Consistency & Usability

Presented live October 18, 2016

The ACT Small Commercial Rating work group focuses on driving cross-industry consistency and ease of use for agents using their management systems to get customer quotes for small commercial lines. During this 30 minute work group spotlight presentation, work group Co-Chairs, Jim Armitage and Susan LaBarre, talk about the work group’s goals and delve into their creation of a recently-released “Carrier Bridging Best Practices” document. This is a strategic template to create consistent workflows and ultimately increase overall utilization of small commercial rating using management system ‘bridging’ functionality.

Click here to view the webinar recording.


eSignature – ACT's Commitment to Drive Adoption

Presented live August 18, 2016

In this 30 minute work group spotlight presentation, ACT eSignature work group co-chairs Joyce Sigler and Nick Khamarji discuss how implementing eSignatures into your work flow not only saves time and expenses, but delivers the exceptional service our customers expect. We'll also talk about how the work group is driving acceptance of eSignatures across the industry, and how they are creating education and consistent workflows for independent agents. 

Click here to view the webinar recording.


"About ACT Webinar"

Presented live November 16, 2015

Do you want to learn about FREE technology resources and educational opportunities provided with your Big “I” membership? Do you want to connect with an industry-leading think tank that focuses on emerging trends and the customer experience? The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) provides all this and more! During this 30 minute interactive webinar you will learn more about what ACT has to offer you and your agency staff.

Click here to view the webinar recording.


The Customer Experience Journey

 Presented live June 22, 2015

This webinar coveres background on the phases of customers' insurance-buying journey and which steps agents need to take in order to implement tech-related 'touchpoints' along the way, in order to meet their interaction expectations.  Presenters are Judy DeLaRosa (Chubb Insurance), Claudia McClain (McClain Insurance Services), and Ron Berg (ACT).

Click here to view the webinar recording.


"Best Practices" Recommendations for Electronic Delivery of Insurance Policies to Agents & Insureds

Presented live January 14, 2014

This recorded webinar focuses on the "best practices" recommendations developed by the ACT Policy Delivery Work Group and is geared for both an insurance carrier and agency audience.  The webinar covers electronic policy delivery by carriers to agencies and delivery of different types of policies by carriers and agencies to insureds.  The Presenters are Susan LaBarre (Liberty Mutual Insurance), Cindy Hurless (Central Insurance) and independent agents Bonnie Two Bears, Angie Gross and Joyce Sigler.

Download additional materials for the above recorded webinars here.  

This recorded webinar provides agencies with many useful tips to assist them in successfully managing their social media efforts.
Webinar_GettingAGrip_Managing_agency's_socialmedia_02142013.pdfWebinar_GettingAGrip_Managing_agency's_socialmedia_02142013.pdf for a PDF of the PowerPoint for the webinar.
This interactive panel of industry experts will answer your questions around such topics as:
How do I budget time on social media?
Where do I get content?
Who should manage my firm’s social media?
How do I protect myself from negative comments?
Webinar participants included:
Rick Morgan, Aartrijk Group, Moderator
Ryan Hanley, The Murray Group
Chris Paradiso, Paradiso Financial Services & Insurance
Katie Peet, State Auto
Mike Peterson, Project CAP
Angelyn Treutel, SouthGroup Gulf Coast
Mike Wise, Web Wisedom LLC
Jeff Yates, ACT Executive Director, Host

This recorded webinar featuring Ryan Hanley, Chris Jordan & Rick Morgan. This webinar demonstrates how to build content and manage a blog, create an effective Facebook Fan page, leverage a Twitter account, and incorporate video into your branding and communication strategy. Find out how to get followers and fans and how all of these tools can be integrated into a comprehensive and successful social networking strategy that will help you grow your business. 

Recorded webinar

This webinar explores the major agency E&O risks involved with social networking and provides specific guidance on how agencies can manage those risks.  Presenters were Sabrena Sally (Westport Insurance/Swiss Re), Colleen Murphy (Goldberg Segalla), David Hulcher (IIABA) and Rick Morgan (ACT Social Web Work Group Chair).

Recorded webinar

PowerPoint slides


Learn the issues two agents and a carrier executive tackled in formulating the appropriate social media policies for their organizations. Participating are Cindy Adams (Holmes Murphy), Angelyn Treutel (Treutel Insurance Agency), Katie Herbst (Westfield Insurance), Rick Morgan (ACT Social Web WG Chair & Consultant) and Jeff Yates (ACT Executive Director). (Note the visual portion of the Webinar comes on at about one and a half minutes into the recording.)

Recorded Webinar 

Webinar Slides

View the recorded version of this highly successful webinar which outlines how agents can use the Social Web to build new relationships, explains the basics of the tools and provides agent examples as to how they are leveraging the tools in their agencies. See also the PowerPoint which includes additional information about social networking and some great links to explore for additional information and agency examples.

Recorded Webinar

PowerPoint Slides


Agents & consultants overview the lessons learned over the past 18 months and the best practices agents can use to help ensure a successful experience. Panelists include agents Claudia McClain & Angelyn Treutel and consultants Rick Morgan & Mike Wise. Some of the subjects treated were: does it really drive new business; how important is blogging; where do I get content; how does social networking fit into an overall marketing strategy; how do I budget my time for social networking?

Recorded Webinars

Webinar Slides

​Learn how to increase your brand, your sales and recruit top performers via LinkedIn. This webinar was presented by Cindy Donaldson, Founders Insurance Group and Rick Morgan, Chair of ACT Social Web Work Group. Cindy and Rick provided independent agents with scores of tips on how to use LinkedIn and how to get the most out it. Recorded Webinar (May 5, 2011)

Recorded Webinar

Webinar Slides

Cindy Donaldson, Director of Marketing & Personal & Commercial Lines Sales at Founders Insurance Group, and consultant Rick Morgan, present the ins and outs of using Facebook effectively as an independent agent. The session covered how to set up a Fan Page, utilize Facebook to increase your brand awareness and market share, understand how Facebook Ads work, and connect with clients and prospects. Recorded webinar (August 9, 2011).

Recorded Webinar

Webinar Slides


In this recorded webinar, Chris Paradiso, an agent who has had great success with social media, was joined by four prominent agency consultants known for their social media expertise-- Steve Anderson, Rick Morgan, Mike Peterson and Mike Wise-- to discuss why you should measure your social media activity; the importance of having goals; the most appropriate metric(s) to use; and how to use some of the available measurement tools.
Recorded webinar (July 31 2012)

This webinar highlighted the major security risks independent agencies face and the practical steps they should take to protect the privacy of their private client & employee personal information whether in paper or electronic form. The session outlined how federal and state law, as well as good risk management practice, have made it mandatory for agencies to implement an information security program that is anchored by a written security plan. The program also covered the numerous free tools and articles that ACT has produced to assist agencies with their security program-- including a prototype agency information security plan. Steve Aronson, Aronson Insurance, Ted Joyce, N B Independent Brokerage, and Jeff Yates, ACT Executive Director, were the presenters.

Recorded Webinar

Webinar Slides

This recorded webinar and the accompanying slides provide a great roadmap for independent agents as to how to comply with HIPAA & HITECH, if they are acting as "business associates" under HIPAA, handling individually identifiable "Protected Health Information" while producing and servicing life or health insurance. This briefing was provided to ACT's HIPAA Work Group by Bob Chaput of Clearwater Compliance.

Recorded Webinar

Webinar Slides

(Demo in last 15 minutes puts more focus on implementation on Microsoft 2007 Exchange Server). Features Jim Rogers (The Hartford) & Tim Woodcock (Courtesy Computers)

Recorded Webinar

Powerpoint Slides (focusing on Microsoft 2007 Exchange Server in last 15 minutes)

Powerpoint Slides (focusing on Microsoft 2003 Exchange Server in 2nd half)

This webinar explores the major agency E&O risks involved with social networking and provides specific guidance on how agencies can manage those risks. Presenters were Sabrena Sally (Westport Insurance/Swiss Re), Colleen Murphy (Goldberg Segalla), David Hulcher (IIABA) and Rick Morgan (ACT Social Web Work Group Chair).

Recorded Webinar

Powerpoint Slides


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