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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Big "I" Virtual University is proud to offer the industry's most respected and valuable insurance education taught by leading insurance industry experts from across the country. See the full list below of our upcoming webcasts and view our library of on-demand webcasts and transcripts​ to catch up on information you may have missed.


VU Deep Dive 90-Minute Webinar Benefits:

  • VU webinar registration includes a live "seat", on-demand recording AND an edited transcription. Consider presenting conference style for the entire agency to benefit.
VU 20-Minute Lightning Learning Webinar Benefits:

  • Fast paced, 20-minute hits to quickly bolster insurance knowledge. The $9.99 registration fee includes a live "seat" and an on-demand recording link.​

June Lightning Learning: HO Trust Endorsements

1. Understanding the HO's Three Trust Endorsements
2. How Does a "Person" Become Legally Liable

June 5, 21 
Each session is 20 minutes


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Pricing is Dead! Long Live Pricing!:
To Succeed You Need To Understand Insurance

​July 18
90-minute webinar
Best Practices for Agency Operations: The Buyer Coverage Ratio
​July 23, 2018
July Lightning Learning: Personal and Business Auto Policies

1. Insurance and Autonomous Vehicles
2. Applying the "Business Use Exclusion" in the Personal Auto Policy
3. Why Personally-Owned Autos Don't Belong on the BAP

​July 10, 24, 31
Each session is 20 minutes

It's heeere! The Big "I" Virtual University's 2018 COI Webinar:
The Never-Ending Problems with Certificates of Insurance

​August 15
90-minute webinar
August Lightning Learning: Contractor Risks

1. Your Insureds and Contractual Risk Transfer
2. Explaining the Total Cost of Risk (It's More Than Premiums)
3. Coinsurance – Down and Dirty Explanation

​August 7, 16, 28
Each session is 20 minutes
Ransom, Ransomware & Other Bad Stuff

​September 12
90-minute webinar

​Best Practices for Agency Operations: 2018 Study Update Overview​
​September 18
September Lightning Learning: OCP, MCS-90, Liquor Liability

1. Is an OCP Worth the Premium?
2. Is the MCS-90 Broader Than the BAP
3. Understanding Liquor Liability Laws and Coverage

​September 6, 18, 27
Each session is 20 minutes
​Inland Marine

​October 17
90-minute webinar

​October Lightning Learning: Trick or Treat, Blogging, Ordinance or Law

1. The Trouble with Trick or Treaters – What to Tell Your Clients
2. Do Your HO Clients Blog (Or Talk Bad About ANYONE)? You Better Know
3. Ordinance or Law Problems for Homeowners

​October 10, 24, 31
Each session is 20 minutes

In the Aftermath of the Storm: An Agent's Perspective​

​November 14
90-minute webinar

November Lightning Learning: Trailers, BAP Coverage Symbols & Endorsements

1. Trailers, Trailers Everywhere – But Which Policy Provides Coverage
2. Secrets Within BAP Coverage Symbols
3. Three BAP Endorsements Every Agent Should Consider

​November 8, 19, 27
Each session is 20 minutes
Coverage for Contractor Risks: 5 Ways Agents Can Put Contractor Clients Out of Business

​December 12
90-minute webinar
December Lightning Learning: "Premium Leakage"

1. What Does Your Underwriter Mean by "Premium Leakage"
2. Why are Exclusions Excluded?

​December 6, 19
Each session is 20 minutes

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