Remote Work Best Practices

by Sharon Emek, CEO & President, Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE)

Modern technology – secure remote connectivity, the Cloud, collaborative software, VoIP phones, and "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) – is disrupting the way we work and providing opportunities for remote out-of-office work. Many managers and employees are already working outside the office using their personal devices, but typically on an ad hoc basis without clearly written remote work best practices.  Employers may have implemented security measures to protect their systems and data, but they rarely address the larger trend issue of remote work, also referred to as telecommuting. Remote-work best practices is not just about technology and security; it is also about the needs of people and companies. This guide will discuss the various types of remote-work options and best practices for organizations to implement a successful remote work and work-life fit program.  Updated Aug 24, 2016

Full PDF Best Practices Guide: Remote Work Best Practices Guide - Sharon Emek - 2016Sep24.pdf