The Customer Lens Shapes Everything

Author:  Ron Berg

We've long since reached the point where our customers are always connected to and served in the way they prefer in business interactions. Whether we represent an agent/broker, carrier, or vendor, we must deliver the experience our customers demand. But there are so many touch points across the insurance-buying journey. Where should you focus? The ACT Customer Experience Work Group helps by providing resources like our Customer Experience Recommendations and, coming soon, our free online Customer Experience Planning Tool, under the leadership of our work group Chairs Claudia McClain (McClain Insurance), and Judy DeLaRosa (Chubb Insurance).  

It's most helpful to think about the insurance buying journey in phases: 

1.  When an individual discovers they need insurance
2.  How they evaluate their options 
3.  The point at which they buy insurance coverage 
4.  The in-policy experience with their agency and carrier 
5.  Their decision to renew or part ways 
6.  When they ultimately become an advocate for your agency  


In each of these phases, there are multiple technology touch points that are critical opportunities to deliver an interaction—engagement, sales or service—that delights and attracts. Agencies can implement anything from SEO to mobile adaptable website, chat, e-signature, online quoting, agency portals, education, video, testimonials, electronic payment; the list is extensive. So where does an agency start? 

That's where the ACT Customer Experience work group continues to focus. In 2016, the group created a nine-page resource, "Customer Experience Journey Recommendations," which breaks down the six phases listed above, with individual recommendations on how to get started for each of the possible touch points within each phase. The document uses clear, concise overviews linking to best-practice vendor and educational resources to get started. 

But the work group realized that, while this is a good base resource, to truly provide value they have to take further steps. 

That's why the group is now working on a free online, interactive CX planning tool. At the highest level, agency reps will be able to access the site and enter some info about their agency and what they're currently doing to provide an online experience. Through a short interview process, the online tool will then provide an assessment, as well as a project plan, for the agency to then address the top two or three "next-level" online interactions that will truly make a difference in attracting and retaining customers. This could be anything from implementing online chat to consistent use of videos or posting agency reviews to show the agency's true value. 

The ACT Customer Experience work group is working on this resource right now and would love any input you may have. Also, if you are interested in joining the project team creating this one-of-a-kind resource simply shoot a quick email to

This is another way we can challenge anything direct writers and insurtechs deliver!

Ron Berg is the executive director of the Agents Council for Technology (ACT).