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Since 1993, Reagan Consulting and the Big “I” have partnered to produce the Best Practices Study, a comprehensive examination of the top performing agencies across the country.  The study compiles benchmarking data on the key metrics of agency performance and value including revenue growth and profitability, financial stability, expense management, and sales and operations productivity.  Data is provided for each of six revenue categories (from under $1.25M to over $25M), and nominations for agencies in each of these categories are accepted at the beginning of each three-year study cycle. The aggregate results of the highest performing firms (approximately 40 per category) are included in the study and these agencies earn the prestigious status of “Best Practices Agency,” and the industry recognition and exclusive benefits that accompany it.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​25-BPA-Solo-.png2007: 850 agencies nominated
2010: 1,200 agencies nominated
2013: 1,236 agencies nominated
2016: 1,789 agencies nominated, resulting in +141 data submissions from previous cycle.

Best Practices Nomination Process:
What Your Need To Know - Read or Watch

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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ - State Association
Who are the current Best Practices Agencies? Click here.
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Nomination Process Open: Now Through Jan. 2019
Nominated Agencies Invited: Feb. 2019
Participating Agencies Submit Data By: April 30, 2019
Best Practices Agencies Selected and Notified: June 2019
Best Practices Agencies Announced: Aug. 2019
2019 Best Practices Study Results Released: Sept. 2019
Best Practices Symposium: New Orleans, LA - Jan. 2020

Revenue Size Categories With Typical Employee Count For Various Size Agencies

Under $1.25M (or less than 10 employees)
$1.25M to $2.5M (or 10-20 employees)
$2.5M to $5.0M (or 21-30 employees)
$5.0M to $10.0M (or 31-50 employees)
$10.0M to $25.0M (or 51-125 employees)
Over $25.0M (or 125+ employees)

BP-APA.pngSample APA Report
Each agency that is nominated and participates by submitting their agency data will receive a custom Agency Performance Analysis report from Reagan Consulting. View a sample here.

How To Submit Nominations

Enter and submit nominations with the
2019 BPS Nomination Worksheet Excel File or
2019 BPS Nomination Form Word Document​​​

If you prefer to submit an Excel file exported from your database please include ALL the fields below: 

- Estimated Revenue Size
- Agency Name
- Address (include street, city, state, zip)
- Contact Name (include first and last)
- Title
- Contact Email Address
- Contact Phone Number (include area code)​

Return Your Excel File or Nomination Worksheet To

Michelle Applebaum​ 
Reagan Consulting, Inc. 
Phone: 404-233-5545 | Fax: 404-237-5996

Who Can Help With A Question?

Reagan Consulting staff (Michelle) Michelle Appelbaum 
​IIABA staff (Jennifer) Jennifer Becker​

​​Desired Characteristics of a Best Practices Agency

Great Reputation: are well respected by state association and other agencies and carriers, are well known in their communities, and are known for their integrity.

Organic Growth: has a history of successfully pursuing and writing new business for the carrier.

Strong Retention: demonstrates an ability to retain profitable accounts (through good pre-underwriting, service, account development, and relationship building)
Professional Development: displays a willingness to invest time and resources for employee education (technical, management, sales, etc.) and for owners and staff to be involved in industry/carrier/user group activities.  Generally have low employee turnover. 
Quality Work Product: submissions, information, communications and interactions with agency staff are generally complete, correct and professional.  Easy to do business with and strive to enhance the agency/carrier relationship.
Effective and Efficient: has good systems and procedures in place and is willing to embrace available technology.