Best Practices Webinars

The Best Practices research gives agencies and the industry key benchmarks and operational information on growth, profitability, productivity, and financial stability. This webinar series offers snack-size bits of knowledge that can help create success in key areas of importance to agency operations. 

2017 Best Practices for Agency Operations Webinar Series Replay Links

2017 Best Practices Study Update Highlights
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Reagan Consulting will share highlights from the 2017 Best Practices Study Update. This valuable industry resource provides benchmarking data on key financial, operating, and sales metrics for agencies of all sizes by revenue category. (Release date: September 20, 2017)

Technology Insights
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Technology is constantly changing the way our industry does business. Join Brian Deitz from Reagan Consulting to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of technology in the industry using insights from the Best Practices Study. (Release date: August 24, 2017)

Navigating Unconscious Biases to Enhance Your Agency's Success
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BPFAO-NUB-Thumbnail.JPGInsurance is very much a business that thrives on relationships and requires building trust and loyalty. Did you know that there are false perceptions that exist which can hinder a business' long term success? These are often referred to as unconscious biases and, guess what, just about everyone has them! Join us as we provide a few tools that you can leverage within your agency to prevent unconscious biases from crippling growth and innovation. (Release date: July 11, 2017)

No metric in the Best Practices Study better captures an agency’s organic growth engine than Sales Velocity.  In this session, Tom Doran will explain sales velocity and why it may be the single most important indication of your ability to succeed and perpetuate over the long-term. (Release date: June 28, 2017)

Key Data – What to Watch – What To Be Concerned About
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There is a lot of data that you can spend time studying which may result in your giving too little attention to what is most important. Bobby Reagan shares his thoughts on what data should get your primary attention and how you need to be looking at it. (Release date: April 24, 2017)


Preparing for 2018 Data Collection with Applied Management Systems and Vertafore Management Systems

Coming 2018! The links to these recordings will be posted on this page and emailed direct to all 2017 series registrants.

The Best Practices Study occurs annually and the data collection process takes time for agencies to complete. Reagan Consulting teams up with Applied and Vertafore, two vendors with management systems widely used by Best Practices Agencies. These webinars will help you understand how to best leverage the data and reporting within your management system during the data collection process.


2016 Series Replay Links

Best Practices - Key Metrics
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Insurance industry performance remains strong, and agency ownership remains a great investment—but competition is a constant in the insurance industry. Healthy firms control their own destinies by understanding their businesses,  setting goals, managing strategically and leveraging opportunities. The Best Practices Study provides unique peer performance data and critical insights on how to take your agency to the next level by giving you the metrics which monitor the key drivers of value for any agency, as well as tools for establishing a culture of excellence and accountability.

Mergers & Acquistions as a Growth Strategy

The insurance industry continues to be an active marketplace for M&A activity, with tremendous growth in regional and national acquirers and rising valuation multiples over the last decade.  Many factors have contributed to this trend, and independent agencies should understand the drivers of this activity and how it can impact both individual firms and the industry as a whole.  Join Tom Doran to hear about the M&A landscape and what independent firms need to know to navigate it. 

2016 Best Practices Study Highlights

The 2016 Best Practice Study is the 24th edition of this valuable industry resource that provides benchmarking data on key financial, operating, and sales metrics for agencies of all sizes by revenue category.  Tom Doran leads the Best Practices initiative for Reagan Consulting and will share highlights of the latest study results and ways that you can use Best Practices information for the benefit of your agency. 

Perpetuation Planning

Insurance agency ownership continues to be a great investment, but maintaining independence as an agency requires active planning and constant monitoring of the sustainability of your firm. An active M&A landscape, the aging of the industry, and adequate perpetuation financing are among the challenges agencies need to consider on the road to successful perpetuation, but healthy firms can control their destiny by understanding the drivers of value and managing their future strategically. 

Producer Recruiting and Development

Brian McNeely shares more about the issues you need to be considering around producer recruiting and development and how to maximize your agency’s success in these areas. Finding, hiring, and developing new production talent is one of the major challenges in our industry – and an agency’s ability to meet this challenge has broad implications for its ability to grow, prosper, and even remain privately owned.  A recent Reagan Consulting study looked at this very issue in an effort to highlight best practices in determining the right amount of hiring necessary, screening and selecting candidates, training and developing new producers, and increasing the overall success of both your hiring practices and the producers themselves. 

Best Practices Study - The Top FIVE Things It Can Help In Your Agency