Best Practices Webinars

The Best Practices research gives agencies and the industry key benchmarks and operational information on growth, profitability, productivity, and financial stability.

Browse the on-demand webinar recordings below and play for snack-size bits of knowledge that can help create success in key areas of importance to agency operations. 

2018thumbnailsm.jpgBest Practices 101
1) 2018 Best Practices Study Overview - Webinar recordingpresentation ​(PDF) and order report.​
2) Agency Data – What to Watch And What To Be Concerned About - 
Webinar recording
3) Best Practices Study - The Top FIVE Things It Can Help In Your Agency - Webinar recording   ​
4) 2016 Best Practices Study Highlights - Webinar recording and presentation (PDF)


Key Metrics
1) Best Practices - Key Metrics - Webinar recording ​and presentation (PDF) ​
2) The Buyer Coverage Ratio: The Most Important Metric in Perpetuation​ - Webinar recording and handout​
3) Weighted Average Shareholder Age "WASA" ​- Webinar recording​ and purchase 2018 Best Practices Study Update​
4) Sales Velocity - Webinar recording and presentation (PDF)

Round Out Your Agency Efforts
1) Technology Insights - Webinar recording
2) Navigating Unconscious Biases to Enhance Your Agency's Success - Webinar recording and  presentation (PDF)
3) ACT Presents the Customer Experience Lifecycle - Webinar recording​ and handout​

Growth and the Future
1) Mergers & Acquistions as a Growth Strategy - Webinar recording and presentation (PDF)​
2) Perpetuation Planning - Webinar recording and presentation (PDF)
3) Producer Recruiting and Development - Webinar recording and presentation (PDF)