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A Look Back​

 Program Information

Since 1993, IIABA and Reagan Consulting have partnered to produce the Best Practices Study, a comprehensive examination of the top performing agencies across the country. The study compiles benchmarking data on the key metrics of agency performance and value including revenue growth and profitability, financial stability, expense management, and sales and operations productivity.

Good to Great Is Possible  ​

To take your agency’s performance to another level – to go from good to great - you have to continue not only to grow but also continue to improve the job you do for your customers, improve the quality and capabilities of your employees, and provide to your employees the carrier relationships, the tools, the resources and the organization needed to serve your customers.  The model is a wheel with strong leadership at the center. The wheel starts with good people having access to the proper suppliers, tools, resources, and organization, thereby attracting more customers, giving the agency better results, allowing the agency to attract better people and clients, producing even better results and so on.  

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