Best Practices Study Research Continues

2014 Update due in August.

The 2014 Best Practices Study Update is the second in the three-year study cycle and Reagan Consulting continues to study those firms that qualified as a 2013 Best Practices Agency.  The 2014 data collection files have been distributed and agencies will submit their 12/31/13 FYE financial and operations results.
To keep the information timely several new questions have been added to this year’s data file, although it remains is far less comprehensive than the 2013 full report. Because there have been more inquiries related to employee productivity and compensation benchmarks, a few questions have been added related to administrative personnel and will show several new useful ratios. The 2014 Study Update will also explore the number of employees who work remotely, a trend that agency managers continue to investigate.
Companies that would like to distribute the 2013 Study or 2014 Update company or agency wide, a license fee option is available. Please contact Jennifer Becker for details. Links to purchase all Best Practices products, access free podcasts and a link to the Best Practices Gateway is available online.