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Tect Trends and Resources for the Independent Agent

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for the week of Nov 10

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

Is Your Tech E&O Up to Date?
In the face of constant technological advances, agents cannot afford to tolerate errors & omissions in their technology products and services.
Save the Date: 2015 Big ‘I’ Legislative Conference
Attend the annual Big “I” Legislative Conference on April 22-24, 2015 to network and solidify strong relationships with your federal representatives.
All-In for Condominium Coverage
MiddleOak's optional All-In CAPsure Condominium Association coverage shifts some claims against the unit owner's policy to the condo association's.
How Agents Like You are Transforming the Industry
Meet “The Innovators Next Door” in November IA, which outlines how creative professionals are propelling the independent agency system into the future.
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