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Tect Trends and Resources for the Independent Agent

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for the week of Jul 6

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

Do You Know Your HFIAA Surcharge Facts?
With all the NFIP changes rolled out in April, you may be getting a lot of questions about the newly instituted annual surcharges.
People’s Trust Insurance Company Joins Trusted Choice®
People’s Trust Insurance Company is the newest member of the Trusted Choice® consumer branding program, joining 68 other company partners.
Agent Success Story: MiddleOak® Habitational Program
Big “I” agent Bob Sobel’s client was facing a huge premium hike. But Sobel used MiddleOak® to cut the increase—pleasing the client and making a sale.
Register for the Young Agents Leadership Institute
Attention young professionals: Take on New Orleans and master the art of leadership at the Big “I” Young Agents Leadership Institute on Oct. 2-3.
InVEST® Awards 88 Student Scholarships
Congratulations to the InVEST® scholarship award winners representing 32 educational institutions in 14 states.
Last Call: Outstanding YAC of the Year Awards
Whether your committee is rolling strong or revitalizing, we want to see your application for an Outstanding YAC of the Year award by Wednesday, July 15.
Celebrate Freedom—From Paper
DocuSign, the Big "I"-endorsed e-signature solution, can help free you from the tyranny of endless filing.
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