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for the week of Aug 31

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

3 Insurance Cuss Words to Avoid
3 Insurance Cuss Words to Avoid
Certain terms and phrases within the insurance industry are misused, leading clients to believe they are getting something they are not.


Team Selling: Creating a Positive Experience for Your Prospects and Colleagues
To prevent buyer confusion, selling teams must come to the table with a unified goal in mind. Here are three ways to focus the team to create a successful experience.
4 Ways to Defuse Stressful Situations with Clients
4 Ways to Defuse Stressful Situations with Clients
Handling challenging client conversations comes with the territory when working as a customer service agent. Here are four strategies to create a better experience.
Data Doctor: Ransomware and Medical Facilities
Data Doctor: Ransomware and Medical Facilities
Health care organizations are an attractive target for cyber threats because of the sensitive information they hold. The digital migration forced by the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated these risks.
Will a Homeowners Policy Cover a Rug Damaged by Silverfish?
Will a Homeowners Policy Cover a Rug Damaged by Silverfish?
Silverfish ate holes in my client’s Oriental floor rugs. Will their named peril homeowners policy cover the damage?
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Apply or Donate to Trusted Choice® Disaster Relief Fund
Members can apply for a grant after unrecoverable losses due to a natural disaster. Members can also donate to the Recovery Fund to help fellow agents in need.
Inclusion in Action: Upcoming Diversity Initiatives
The Big “I” Diversity Council is pleased to work on fresh initiatives helping racial and ethnic minorities, young professionals, LGBTQ members and women.
Meet the Big 'I' Virtual LET’s Summit Speakers
Registration is open for the 2020 Big “I” Virtual LET’s Summit, to be held Oct. 19-22.
Big ‘I’ Acquires Agency Nation and Elevate
Collaboration continues to provide cutting-edge content to our industry community.
New Trusted Choice® Social Media Calendar Online
September's calendar includes ready-to-post content focused on hurricane safety, working from home, fire pit safety, RV safety, and much more.
Big ‘I’ Markets Offers Personal Lines Market Access
Big “I” members may now access MetLife Auto & Home, Progressive, Safeco and Travelers subject to state availability requirements.
Bond Sales Simplified with Goldleaf Surety
Goldleaf has the knowledge and relationships to provide you with a wide range of bonding capacity for all types, sizes and classes of bonds.
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