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for the week of Jul 12

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

Concern over Data Compromise Wanes Despite High Risk
Concern over Data Compromise Wanes Despite High Risk
The need for cyber risk mitigation is profound, but only 12% of Americans have purchased a person cyber insurance policy in the past year, according to a Chubb survey.


Biden Executive Order Takes Aim at Noncompete Agreements
The executive order includes 72 initiatives by over a dozen federal agencies to tackle what President Biden deems are some of the most pressing competition problems in the U.S.
How to Get More ROI from Your Meetings
How to Get More ROI from Your Meetings
Would you want to sit through a four-hour meeting or training session? Get to the point by trimming the fat and emotionally engaging your audience.
Going Places: Meet Young Agent Frank Mercurio
With multiple generations in the workplace, "collaborating has never been more important than in the times we're in," says Frank Mercurio, independent agent. "We need to learn better ways to provide good service to our customers."
Agents Looking to Up Their Digital Game in the Post-Pandemic Marketplace
Agents Looking to Up Their Digital Game in the Post-Pandemic Marketplace
Agents who invested in digitization were better equipped to navigate the pandemic, according to Nationwide survey. Yet the agent-client relationship remains vital.
Fast Forward: Catch Up with Young Agent Kim Mathews
"I learned I have to be smarter about who I’m bringing on, how they fit into the agency long term, and how they will benefit the culture," says Kim Mathews, independent agency owner. "Are they the people who are willing to reach new highs of self-growth?"
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Final Call for Elevate Trilogy Part 2: Data
The Un-conference will conclude with a happy hour hosted by the state of Illinois with games, entertainment, a special cocktail menu and recipes.
ACT Tech Summit Registration Open
The Big “I” Agents Council for Technology (ACT) conference will provide strategic insights on digital solutions to industry challenges.
Check Out the New Perpetuation Page
The Pathways to Agency Ownership webpage provides perpetuation resources from different career stages and perspectives.
Attend Webinars on Agency Website Liabilities
Join the second set of sessions in the free new webinar series, Your Website Says WHAT? How Your Agency's Online Presence Puts Your Business at Risk.
Goldleaf’s Smaller Bonds Program
Goldleaf can obtain the bonding support you need in over two dozen surety markets.
Register for Big ‘I’ Fall Leadership Conference
You don't want to miss the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and network with your peers at the in-person 2021 Big "I" Fall Leadership Conference.
Access Cyber Sales Resources via Big ‘I’ Markets
Big "I" Markets has partnered with Coalition to give agents access to cyber and technology errors & omissions insurance markets.
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