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Jun 01
Protect Your Clients Against Pollution Exposures

Exciting things are happening in the environmental insurance industry. As more insurance professionals and purchasers understand that environmental exposures range beyond hazardous waste, the demand for environmental insurance products continues to increase.

For decades, many have mistakenly believed that only hazardous waste contractors need environmental or pollution insurance. In reality, the infamous pollution exclusions in standard ISO liability and property policies have never been limited to hazardous waste.

Case law across the country confirms the broad application of these exclusions, and almost every industry carries some sort of environmental and pollution exposure: farms, underground storage tank sites, commercial properties, contractors and more.

For example, many farms are uninsured for pollution-related exposures other than crop overspray because of pollution exclusions in standard farm property and liability policies. How can you fix this coverage gap? Sell them environmental insurance coverage from a program specifically designed for farming and agricultural pollution.

Big "I" Markets partners with American Risk Management Resources Network, LLC to give you easy access to excellent environmental insurance option for your clients. Learn more by logging in to Big "I" Markets.


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