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Jun 22
Got Clients in Risky Occupations?

Word on the street says you can't obtain an affordable umbrella for a police officer, doctor, pro athlete or politician. But some carriers accept these occupations without any additional underwriting or charge.

It's true that personal umbrella carriers ask about certain occupations that they believe present greater risk, and some won't offer coverage for them. Others offer coverage at a higher premium to cover the additional risk they're taking on by insuring these individuals.

But some carriers offer coverage without charging extra premium for the occupation. If your customer has an occupation that may be concerning to an umbrella carrier, make sure you check with multiple carriers to find the best fit.

It's important to note that, regardless of an insured's occupation, personal umbrellas typically exclude coverage for injury arising out of the insured's occupation or business pursuits. There are a few exceptions—family farm operations may be an example—but a customer should not rely on a personal umbrella to extend to business pursuits or business property.

As a Big "I" member, you have access to two hand-picked, highly rated personal umbrella carriers. RLI Insurance, the Big "I"-endorsed personal umbrella carrier, has been working with members for 25 years. RLI has broad underwriting guidelines and a simple, self-underwriting application. Anderson & Murison is the Big "I" alternative umbrella market and is available when a customer won't qualify with RLI.

Access both in Big "I" Markets or on the Big "I" personal umbrella webpage.


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