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Sep 14
Is Your Retirement Plan on Autopilot?

Most agency owners assume they're doing the right thing by setting up a retirement plan for their employees. And they are! But in many cases, agency principals are so busy running their agency that the retirement plan ends up on autopilot while they focus on the more pressing issues at hand.

In today's retirement plan environment, agency principals must meet certain fiduciary responsibilities—which means they must take an active role in the retirement plan they sponsor. Scared? Don't be. The Big "I" offers a fantastic member benefit, the Big "I" MEP 401(k) Plan, which was designed to give you everything you need as a plan sponsor.

The Big "I" MEP 401(k) Plan features top-flight plan design, consulting, custodial and administrative services, all while lowering your fiduciary exposure. Total plan expenses, which include investment, custodial, plan administration/recordkeeping and advisor fees, fall significantly below benchmark costs. Plan participants receive broad investment options, comprehensive online capabilities and great online resources.

The end result? Better retirement outcomes that allow agency principals to focus on their business. Contact Christine Muñoz to learn more.


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