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Dec 21
What to Add to Your Digital Marketing Wish List

Today's thriving small business relies on a well-developed digital presence. Whether researching customer reviews or going directly to the source, consumers naturally make their way to a business's website and social media page first to inform their purchase decisions.

That's why independent insurance agents should add a Trusted Choice® digital review to their digital marketing wish list this holiday season. For the holidays and beyond, Trusted Choice offers tools and resources to simplify the complex digital marketing process and help independent insurance agents improve their digital presence with digital reviews.

Trusted Choice digital reviews explore an agency's website and social media properties to discover opportunities, determine weaknesses and build on strengths. These in-depth reviews cover all corners of digital marketing, delivering performance measurements and analytics to offer qualitative insights on specific ways to improve.

A digital review first dives into an agency's website, assessing SEO, mobile use, usability, social integration and more. The evaluations score website performance on a scale of 0–100 and offer actionable suggestions for improving website effectiveness.

The social media portion of the review weighs an agency's social media activity, providing a blueprint for developing an effective social media presence integrated with the agency's website and overall brand. From choosing the right platform and creating the page to developing a content strategy and engaging your followers, a social media review dives into all aspects and features of each social media platform:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Yelp
  • Instagram

Improve your digital presence with a Trusted Choice digital review, and explore other Trusted Choice content, resources and training today. ​


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