Jan 18
Covering Cohabitating Homeowners

Today, two-thirds of couples cohabitate for an average of 31 months before marriage. But these unmarried partners may be surprised to find their significant others shortchanged under traditional homeowners insurance, which typically extends coverage only to relatives residing at the insured home or condo.

Significant Other Coverage, an endorsement to LexElite® Homeowners Insurance, cost-effectively closes this coverage gap, extending critical protection to the romantic partner of the named insured. And as a Big “I" member, you can access this product through Big “I" Markets.

The endorsement revises the homeowners policy's definition of "insured" to expressly include an additional resident of the household who is not the named insured's relative, but is their significant other or romantic partner. It extends peace of mind and protection to the significant other, providing them with:

  • Worldwide third-party liability coverage.

  • Personal property protection for their personal possessions.

  • A 5% increase on personal property limits.

As a leader in homeowners insurance protection, Lexington is always seeking new ways to keep policyholders well protected from the exposures of modern life and modern families.

Significant Other Coverage is the newest in a series of enhancements to the LexElite Homeowners policy. Other available endorsements include LexShare® HOME Rental coverage, Mandatory Evacuation Response coverage, Lex CyberSafety® coverage, Pet Critical Injury coverage, Upgrade to Green® Residential and LexElite Eco-Homeowner® insurance. All coverages come with industry-leading LexElite claims services.

Learn more about available non-standard homeowners markets by logging in to Big “I" Markets.


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