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Jun 28
Lights, Camera, Umbrella!

​RLI has created a brief and entertaining three-minute video to educate consumers about the benefits of a personal umbrella liability policy. The video explains an umbrella in simple terms and provides relatable examples of umbrella claims. 

Many people simply aren't aware of what umbrella coverage is all about! So, we encourage you to add this video to your website, post it to social media or email it directly to your clients to let them know you can assist with this coverage. 

By helping your clients understand how a personal umbrella safeguards their personal assets and future earnings, you open a conversation that can lead to an umbrella sale for your agency. If the customer declines the coverage, be sure to document this using our personal umbrella decline form. 

The video is available on RLI's YouTube channel and website. Play it now to see what you've been missing. The catchy music is just the icing on the cake! 

To learn more, visit Big "I" Personal Umbrella online.​


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