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Jul 05
Have You Seen the Temporary Landing Page?

​As of Monday, the landing page for the Big “I" website , received a new look. In an effort to better understand consumer visits to the Big “I" website and direct consumers to, the association is currently conducting a landing page test.

During the test, visitors will identify whether they are consumers or insurance industry professionals when they first enter the site. If a visitor clicks, “I'm a consumer," they will be directed to If a visitor clicks, “I'm an insurance industry professional," they will be sent to the national Big “I" website.

During the test period, please click “I'm an insurance industry professional" when you visit the Big “I" website so as not to skew the test results. We realize the extra click is an inconvenience, but our hope is that the information gathered during the test will help us drive more traffic to and create more consumer referrals for Big “I" members.  ​



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