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Sep 20
Your Fellow Members Need Your Help!

​It has been nearly a week since the destructive winds and rains of Hurricane Florence made landfall across North and South Carolina and into Virginia.

The gale force winds ripped roofs off homes, uprooted trees and brought down power lines  across the Mid-Atlantic coast. Homes and businesses flooded, many beyond repair. And many Big “I" member agencies, their staffs and their families have been impacted by the storm.

The Trusted Choice® Disaster Relief Fund, the association's 501(c)(3) charity established to help members in the event of disasters just like Florence, has always been able to help quickly where needed. It helps provide for immediate or ongoing financial needs when other resources are not available and fills the gap until other funding sources become accessible.

Unlike donations to national organizations, which can take months to begin distributing funds, your support to the fund will have an immediate and substantial impact on our members and their staffs. The fund also provides insurance agents with supplies and resources to aid victims and surviving family members in their communities.

With your help, the Trusted Choice Disaster Relief Fund can help our members recover from their losses and get back to serving their communities.

Individuals and businesses can donate to the fund online. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. For those seeking aid, grant applicationscriteria and guidelines are also available online.


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