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Jan 31
Hiring Strategy Made Easy

​If you want your agency to attract and retain good clients, you need a recruitment strategy to attract and retain quality employees. By following a structured process, you can guarantee the best match for every position you need to fill.

Tactics for determining whether a potential new hire is a good fit for your agency include creating interview questions that will help you decide if they will be good cultural fit, involving others in the interview process to support your initial thoughts on potential candidates, and including pre-hire assessments to gain insight into an individual's strengths and weaknesses.

Another tactic is testing to determine a new hire's insurance knowledge, particularly if they will be providing advice on coverages to your clients. Not only will these tests help you determine if they are the right fit for your agency and the position, but they will also help you with identifying how to work with them most effectively to motivate them and help them grow in their career with your agency.

Big “I" Hires, the new agency recruiting program available to all Big “I" members, provides all the tools you need to create a strong hiring strategy and ensure you get the best hire for each position in your agency. From an online recruiting platform with special pricing for Big “I" members and toolkits to help you with interview questions, job descriptions and onboarding, to knowledge checks, personality and sales testing, Big “I" Hires is a multicomponent program that helps agencies, attract, hire and retain a qualified workforce.

Learn more by listening to a webinar recorded with our recruiting partner IdealTraits, or visiting Big "I" Hires online.


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