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Feb 14
Test Job Candidates for Sales Call Reluctance

​Ever hired a producer who looked good on paper and interviewed well, only to find out, several paychecks later, that they treat prospecting like a terrible disease? They may appear to be busy, but they actively look for opportunities to avoid prospecting, and they are not making appointments with prospects.

The most critical component of successful selling is consistent prospecting. If a producer won't or can't get in front of prospects by whatever ethical means necessary, they can't help you achieve your sales goals. At best, you will have a “project" on your hands that takes up time and causes you endless frustration as you watch them at their desk, emailing, instead of getting in front of potential customers.

To avoid hiring salespeople who cannot or will not prospect, use the Sales Potential Quotient/Full Spectrum Advocacy (SPQ/FSA) test—the only pre-hire assessment in the world that measures all known forms of sales call reluctance. Backed by 40 years of research, the test zeros in on the 16 types of sales call reluctance and tells you who will and will not prospect consistently.

If you choose to hire the candidate, the SPQ/FSA turns into a coaching and development tool that enables you to train the salesperson three months faster, because you already understand their strengths and the areas you need to start coaching and developing. You won't have to guess by observing.

The SPQ/FSA is surprisingly affordable and the return on investment is often instant. It serves you as the agency owner, plus your sales candidate. If they are not emotionally up to prospecting consistently, they will not be happy at your agency.

Find sales call reluctance tests on the Big “I" Hires website. Mention that you're a Big “I" member for a 10% discount on each test!​


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