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Feb 21
Get to Know Coalition’s Cyber Claims Approach

​When it comes to cybersecurity, nothing is, or ever will be, 100% secure—and no one can defend themselves 100% of the time.

Even with the very best risk management practices, cyber incidents can and will happen. When they do, you need an experienced team by your side to help your business get back up and running. Big "I" agents can now provide their clients with access to a dedicated incident response team through Coalition, our cyber insurance partner.

In the event of a cyberattack, a timely response is critical to mitigate loss. It can mean the difference between a mere bump in the road and a severe disruption to an organization's operations. With Coalition, your clients don't have to waste precious time coordinating between insurance companies and their third-party vendors. Coalition's incident response team will immediately begin identifying and containing an incident.

Coalition's claims philosophy is based on a foundation of trust, respect and transparency. Claims are managed proactively and follow an issue resolution process that gets companies back on track quickly. Claims and payments can also be tracked on Coalition's policyholder dashboard.

For every claim that gets filed, there are hundreds of potential claims that never occur thanks to Coalition's risk management tools, such as flagging vulnerabilities at policy issuance. Your clients can also take advantage of Coalition's expertise 24/7, 365 days a year by phone, email or live chat to receive guidance on how to manage cyber risk, or if they suspect an incident.

To learn more about Coalition's mission to "solve cyber risk" and begin quoting business today, log in to Big “I" Markets and select Cyber Insurance – Coalition from the Commercial Products menu. Questions? Reach out to Carla McGee , your dedicated cyber liability program manager, at 800-221-7917, ext. 5495. 


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