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Mar 21
Goldleaf Surety: Your One-Stop Shop for Bonds

​Next time a client comes to you for a bond, remember, Big "I" Markets partner Goldleaf Surety Services is here to help.

Securing surety bonds can be a time-consuming, costly and embarrassing process for many agencies. Producers and CSRs face steep learning curves if they want to handle the product. With hundreds of different bonds available, your staff may not know which markets are most likely to write a particular class of bond, which forms to use, or what information to request from the insured. This lack of expertise will quickly become evident to your client—and ultimately impact your bottom line.

With just one call, Goldleaf can provide your agency with instant access to almost every type of bond your clients will ever request. Market capacity for bid bonds and performance or payment bonds on all types of contract obligations is available, including:

  • Construction trades of all sizes
  • Subcontractors and artisan contractors
  • Environmental work, including asbestos abatement
  • Subdivision and site improvement work
  • Service contractors
  • Software, IT and other technology-related industries
  • Specialty manufactures

Goldleaf also has extensive experience with all forms of license and permit bonds, court bonds, fidelity bonds and more. For each bond placed, your agency will receive a referral check, regardless of how little work you do on the bond.

To learn more, visit Big “I" Markets or call Goldleaf directly at 888-294-6747 and ask for Lori Olson.​


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