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Apr 18
Cover Photography Equipment with RLI Home Business Insurance

​Photography equipment is expensive—just ask any photographer.

Photographers' business personal property values may be in excess of $20,000. If a loss happens, how difficult would it be to replace that property without any interruption in business operations? A Home Business Insurance policy from RLI can lower the stress when the unexpected happens.

Consider the following real-life claim scenarios and the benefits of insuring photographers with a Home Business Insurance policy:

1) Damage to a camera lens. An insured was taking pictures of a sunset. Holding the camera strap in their hand, they walked down the concrete path to get a better angle. The strap of the camera broke, which caused the camera to drop to the ground, shattering the lens into many pieces.

RLI paid the $1,300 repair cost and the insured had their camera repaired in less than one week.

2) Theft of camera equipment from a car. An insured was traveling to photograph a client's wedding when they stopped at a convenience store. In just ten minutes, their car was broken into and their bag of camera equipment was stolen.

RLI paid the $12,000 limit to replace the insured's inventory, in addition to covering the extra $2,300 expense the insured incurred to rent similar equipment so they could fulfill their business commitment.

3) Total fire loss. A fire broke out at an insured's home. The insured was not able to salvage anything, suffering a total loss to both their personal and business property.

RLI paid the $55,000 policy limit to replace all the insured's inventory, in addition to covering the $25,000 business income loss the insured sustained until they were able to get their business up and running again.

Business personal property coverage is just one of many valuable coverages photographers should not go without. RLI's Home Business Insurance policy provides this important coverage along with business income, extra expense and business liability coverage. Help your photographers make wise decisions when purchasing coverage for their business operations.

Coverage includes up to $1 million in business liability protection, up to $100,000 comprehensive coverage for business personal property, $5,000 per person for medical payments to customers injured on premises, and coverage for loss of income.

For more information or to contact your state's administrator, visit RLI Home Business online.


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