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May 23
Coalition Offers Cybersecurity Education Resources

​Cybersecurity is complicated, but understanding it doesn't have to be. To help your clients understand their cyber risk, Coalition published several articles that explain the most common security issues:

  • Lookalike domains: When a hacker creates a domain that looks almost identical to the intended domain, it can be easy to miss. But it's a common strategy used by hackers to glean information from their targets. For example, versus Did you spot the difference?
  • Remote desktop protocol: Microsoft's remote access capability is a convenient tool that allows an organization's employees to remotely connect to their computer from anywhere in the world. But for hackers, it's an equally convenient entry point into a network.
  • Compromised credentials: Coalition's cyber risk assessment identifies usernames, passwords and other information that has been exposed on the dark web. Because many individuals reuse the same password across accounts (note: don't do this!), hackers can use the credentials from one account to compromise others.

Find additional articles on other hot topics in Coalition's Help Center.

Coalition was built at the intersection of technology and insurance to help companies manage cyber risk. As part of the quoting process, Coalition evaluates an organization the same way cybercriminals do, using publicly available information about the organization's security posture to generate a free cyber risk assessment—the first step to managing cyber risk.

The assessment includes information about vulnerabilities and compromised credentials to help an organization understand its exposure, and provides recommendations to help improve security. As your client's dedicated risk management partner, Coalition's security team is available to provide additional context and help policyholders implement security and loss controls at no additional cost.

To access a sample cyber risk assessment, log in to Big "I" Markets and select Cyber Insurance – Coalition from the Commercial Products menu.

Reach out to Carla McGee, your dedicated cyber liability program manager, at 800-221-7917, ext. 5495 if you have any questions or to have her walk you through a quote.  


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