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Jul 18
New Hire, New Paperwork

​Hiring a new employee means paperwork, whether it's in hard copy form or electronic. And once you hire someone, most of the restrictions placed on asking applicants for information are removed.

While Equal Employment Opportunity Act and disability protections are still in place, you usually need to collect information such as birth date, emergency contact, race and gender once a person joins your payroll. Required information may include:

Employee information: address, email, social security number, emergency contact and more

Voluntary self-identifications: gender, race and possibly disability or veteran status

Federal (W-4) and state tax forms: These must be completed to process payroll taxes, but do not offer advice on how to complete these forms. Instead, refer the new hire to the instructions and included worksheet.

I-9: This form is required under the Immigration and Reform Act to verify the employment eligibility of all employees in the U.S. It must be completed within three days of the first day of employment.

E-Verify: This checks a new employee for their work eligibility by electronically matching information provided on the I-9. It is required for some companies and voluntary for others.

Direct deposit information: if applicable

State-required forms: wage notices, workers compensation health history questionnaire, meal break waivers and more

Meanwhile, employers commonly provide the new hires with an employee handbook so they can sign and acknowledge policies regarding:

  • Harassment and sexual harassment
  • Timekeeping and pay
  • Personal appearance
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Company rules and standards of conduct
  • Employment-at-will statement
  • Safety
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure
  • Uniform or equipment issue and return form, especially if wage deductions could apply
  • Job description
  • State-specific leaves, time off and benefits

If you or anyone at your agency has questions about new hire paperwork, visit Affinity HR Group online. ​


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