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Sep 05
Ensuring Equine Safety During Storms

​Hurricane Dorian has moved relatively slowly. While this has allowed more time for evacuation, many storms and natural disasters are much swifter, which means plans and preparations should be set up ahead of time. 

This is especially important when it comes to horses. Due to their size and specialized transportation requirements, you can't just put horses in the back of the car and grab a bag of kibble as you would for the family dog. And while several states have waived certain requirements due to Hurricane Dorian, there are restrictions, such as a Coggins test, for transporting horses across state lines. 

Big “I" Markets partner AIG has been providing coverage to horse owners for a long time. Based on extensive experience, the carrier has prepared a list of best practices for mitigating risks to horses during a catastrophic event.

AIG knows your clients' horses are cherished animals that represent significant financial and personal investment. As such, they require the highest level of protection—which is why AIG offers equine liability insurance as part of its Private Client Group, available to registered Big "I" Markets agents in all states.

To learn more, log in to Big "I" Markets and click on Affluent Program-New Business.


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