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Sep 12
The Importance of Mental Toughness

​One of the most important things your small business can do is hire top-performing salespeople. After all, your business would not exist if it wasn't for your sales. In fact, 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems, according to Fundera.

To make your business a success, you must be able to hire and develop mentally tough sales professionals who can be effective when the stakes are high.

Mental toughness refers to the unique quality found in many professional athletes that allows them to maintain fortitude under stressful conditions. While sales doesn't require physical athletic ability, it does require a tough mindset to stay motivated and successfully sell your product or service.

The specific personality traits that contribute to mental toughness are:

  • Ego-strength
  • Level-headedness
  • Stress tolerance
  • Thoroughness
  • Energy
  • Persistence
  • Self-structure

By surrounding your employees with uplifting, supportive coaches, these traits can be trained into your sales professionals and their performance will drastically improve.

To learn more about mental toughness and salespeople, visit Caliper's blog.

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